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Because a few people in the Rise of Arsenal Wins Award thread said they hadn't read any/much of RoA, and because the link in the earlier post has lots of macro-manips talking about dead cats, I thought I should link to the scene being referenced. Coulda sworn it was posted here, but if so I couldn't find it through the tags. (If someone can find it, I'll gladly take this post down.)

So, here are 2 pages from Rise of Arsenal #3. Behold the gritty realism of its depiction of drug abuse!

Both cut from double-page spreads. I'll try to fill in the blanks. )

The issue ends with Roy strapped to a table to detox cold turkey, talking with Zombie!Lian, and slowly going totally bugfuck insane in the membrane.
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Here is the Preview at The Source

Poor Roy. )

Suggested Tags: char: speedy/arsenal/roy harper, char: lian harper, creator: geraldo borges, creator: j.t. krul, publisher: dc comics
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Three more pages... )

title: rise of arsenal, creator: geraldo borges, creator: j.t. krul

What's with the title: justice league tag? That makes it sound like it's in the regular JLA series or something.
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Two pages from Titans 23, where we learn that the Titans maybe should have been named "He-Man Roy-Haters Club."

Too much testosterone within. But it's probably Donna's fault. )

tags: title: titans, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: aqualad/tempest/garth, creator: eddie berganza,
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Images behind the cut. )

title: justice league rise and fall, creator: j.t. krul,char: green arrow/oliver queen,char: flash/barry allen, char: green lantern/hal jordan,char: black canary/dinah lance


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