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So Kurt left a last request for Logan in his will: to please cart a $20 000 grand piano to a church at the top of a mountain in Venezuela. Logan is, of course, chipper to oblige.

2 pages, one half page and one panel of a 22-page story under the cut. )
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With the semi-continuity union of the two flagship characters for Marvel, you knew it wouldn't be long before one would play "in the other ones sandbox"CosmicBookNews has the preview, and someone over at Marvel must love the 80's. 1 spoiler-y but fun preview page behind the cut.

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The X-related scans of the week, both featuring interplay of the present and the future.

First up, Part 2 of "Second Coming" in Uncanny X-Men #523 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson.

The Wonders of the Motel 7 )

Next up, four from Wolverine: Weapon X #12, by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney, as Wolverine and New Cap take on the Deathloks.

Two guys named James who are never called James )
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Four scans from Wolverine: Weapon X #11, guest-starring the newly returned Captain America.

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char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: captain america/steve rogers, creator: jason aaron, creator: ron garney, title: wolverine weapon x, publisher: marvel comics
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Last week I posted a few scans from Wolverine: Weapon X #10, about Logan's latest girlfriend. I arrived at the shop today to discover to my horror that there was nothing on my regular subscription in this week, leaving me with only a single impulse buy new comic. So instead, in honour of the approaching holiday, here's Logan and Melita's first meeting, from Wolverine: Weapon X #1 (seven scans).

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Four scans from Wolverine: Weapon X #10.

Once more unto the breach. )

char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: storm/ororo munroe, char: melita garner, creator: jason aaron, creator: c. p. smith, title: wolverine weapon x, publisher: marvel comics


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