Apr. 22nd, 2009

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Catchy title, no? It was either this or The Incredibly Fucked-Up Love Life Of Matt Murdock, and if you think I'm documenting Daredevil's sex life then you've got another thing coming.

So you probably know the background. Scott Summers and Jean Grey were the obligatory Silver Age couple with tons of UST but some handicap or angst that kept them from getting together, like Matt Murdock and Karen Page or Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (man, these Silver Age romances do not end well). When Chris Claremont restarted the X-Men, he kept the two and actually got them together. Then came the Dark Phoenix Saga, in which Jean (or... was she?) died (or... did she?) to keep from eating any more planets. But, all told, it was a pretty healthy relationship.

Scott, naturally, was heartbroken and there followed several issues of him working on a shrimpboat, romancing a captain named Lee Forester (a GIRL captain, before you ask), and getting stranded on a deserted island in his skivvies to foil a plot by Magneto to start nuclear war. You know, the usual five stages of grief.

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This is the issue where the multiple origins of wolverine recently posted by [profile] peur_evol are from.   It's a 10 page backup in Weapon X First Class #2 (Deadpool only appears in the backup).

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Greetings True Believers! Here's my add-on to Deadpool week. A page from this week's X-Force. A little bitty I found funny. Spoilers and enjoy!

Plus a bonus page from the new Incredible Hercules! What is it with Bullseye and Greek chicks?

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Gotham Knights 39 Black & White - "Sunrise"
writer Alex Garland, artist Sean Phillips

The Black&White stories are 8 pages long, so I'm posting less than 3 pages here. I love the B&W stories because they often focus on quirky glimpses of Gotham life, or, as the case may be, of Batman. This one is rather charming, I think.

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Greetings True Believers! Colonel Green great post about the latest development in the Bill and Kelda relationship. For those not in the know, when Asgard relocated to the great state of Oklahoma the locals and the Asgardians had many funny and wonderful encounters. But the best of them all was when the owner of the local diner met an Asgardian goddess.....

Enjoy the Woobie!

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Its not even really that big a deal. Honest. But for some reason, it really bugs me.

A Kinda, Sorta Spoiler for Azrael: Death's Dark Knight #2 )
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Greetings True Believers! I stumbled across something funny on my never-ending internet quest.

Just follow the link! It's worth it. Loki sez: "Damnit Odinson! Puff puff give! Puff puff give!

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I found this on sale on e-bay, and it was so damned good I had to share it with the wider world.

After consultation with our Mods, it was agreed that in order to see all the images, you'll have to click on the link. Don't worry, they are ALL there, in the right order, but it wouldn't be appropriate to post them all, though I was sorely tempted, since the full thing is wonderful.

From Golden Books in the late 60's these are the original art pages from a literally Batman shaped book gloriously titled;

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It's "Captain America Week" on Marvel.com, and, as you'd expect, current writer/genius Ed Brubaker is featured a lot; in an interview about the upcoming #600 and beyond, including some discussion of guest characters. Among those mentioned, "characters from the Young Avengers". I've been expecting/hoping for some of them to pop up in the main title at some point, since Brubaker has written a couple of team-ups between them and Bucky. So, since that got me thinking about them, here they are for the new s_d.

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