May. 28th, 2010

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Tags: title: teen titans,char: wonder girl/cassie sandsmark,creator: felicia henderson,creator: Joe Bennett ,char: superboy/kon-el/conner kent,char: impulse/kid flash/bart allen,char: aquagirl/lorena marquez

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Just in times for Memorial Day weekend, DC has announced at the Source that they will be bringing back some classic war comics. (The wording makes it a bit unclear if these are just one shots, or if any of these will continue on afterwards.)

Under the cut, the cover for the Weird War Tales reminds you to think of our dead soldiers this weekend )

Suggested Tags: Title: Weird War Tales, creator: Darwyn Cooke
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Oh look, it's Friday! There must be some exceptionally good WIN! around here....found it! HERE IT IS! Courtesy of CosmicBookNews, two daily doses of fun to start the weekend behind the cut. Preview on the link.

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3 new pages and 1 previously posted page from Thor #610 by Kieron Gillen and Doug Braithwaite in which Thor takes on Ragnarok.

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Tags: char: Thor Odinson/Donald Blake, char: Ragnarok, creator: Kieron Gillen, creator: Doug Braithwaite, title: Thor

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So a few weeks ago, I began inventorying my comic collection. Said collection, of course, stretches back to the it's going to take a while. As part of the effort, I'm going to continue to occasionally post stuff from the vault. Whether it amuses me for good or I've come to realize that I've got some questionable stuff in there.

It illustrates to me pretty clearly how comics were bought back in the day. Before the internet and online previews and so forth, we had the occasional magazine or house promotion to let us know about upcoming stuff. We could flick through an issue in the store before buying, perhaps...but a lot of stuff I got in the 1990s involved following a writer or artist whose work I enjoyed. Sometimes to my detriment.

Last time I brought you some pages from DC's Zero Hour, circa 1994. This time I thought I'd go a little more indie, a little more obscure. I almost did a scan of old Power Man and Iron Fist issues, but decided I'd save that for later. Instead, I decided that what we needed were gun-toting Vegas Showgirls. IN THE RETRO-FUTURE.

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publisher: Eclipse, creator: john k. snyder iii
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Sad news.

Mark Hamill said that after Arkham Asylum 2 he is retiring from the role as the Joker.

Mark Hamill  played the Joker longer than anyone else. He was the clown prince of crime for over 15 years and is to many people THE Joker.
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Suggested tags: char: batman/bruce wayne char: joker title: batman adventures creator: bruce timm creator: paul dini

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You may have noticed over recent months a few changes and additions to our moderating team. With that we've also been rolling out subtle changes to the way we moderate the community. This post is to outline and make official new policies. You won't be seeing any major changes, just additional clarification to the community ethos, making some existing guidelines official rules and some changes in the way mods will be going about enforcing the rules and ethos.

Ethos Clarification

First is the streamlining of the community ethos and creation of a new section listing the Rules of Conduct. This isn't a major change - we're seeking to make the ethos clearer for new, and existing, members and have clarified the existing rules for member behavior by adding more detail and giving them their own section in the community rules.

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Posting Rules

In addition to the clarification to the ethos, we're making a number of additions to the posting rules. These are things that have already been part of the posting guidelines, but will now be enforced officially. They are:

- Every post must include the source of the content. In the case of comic scans, that would be the title and issue number. For webcomics, a credit and link to the source. Exceptions will be made for entries tagged as "Context is for the weak."
- If you are posting scans from a source that doesn't follow the standard single issue 22-page format, please note the page count in your post. (IE: "10 pages of 30" or "7 pages from issue #6, 7 pages from issue #8" etc)
- If you are posting scans from multiple issues, please note issue breaks in your post.
- Do not link to sites hosting pirated or otherwise illegal content in full - this includes links to Torrent and Scanlation sites and posting images which are watermarked with links to such sites.

Mod Policies

1. Going forward, the mod team will issue warnings through the new [personal profile] sd_admin account, reserving their personal accounts for non-mod conversations, anti-oppression discussions, and mod-member policy conversations. Additionally, all mod posts will now be posted by SD-Admin.

2. Some of you may have noticed that we've been making increased use of placeholder comments and thread-freezing. This is a new strategy we've adopted to give ourselves time for consults, and to give members a cooling off period in threads which we consider are becoming problematic. Look out for the following wording in threads that have been frozen:

"THREAD FREEZE: this thread has been frozen and is being discussed by the mod team."

Means that we might be hitting you with a reminder or warning after we've consulted.

"THREAD FREEZE: this thread has been frozen."

Means that it's time for you to take a breather, but that no further mod action is forthcoming.

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In addition to the problems we had with tag-trolling, leading to the tags being locked to moderators only, we're coming ever closer to our hard 5000 tag limit. As previously discussed, we're looking at a based solution. [personal profile] murklins from [community profile] deliciouslymad is currently working on an import-script that will copy all of our Dreamwidth and Livejournal tags to the Scans/NoScans Delicious account. This means that on-comm tags will be revised and stripped down, and that the bulk of metadata will be found in the Delicious tags. The new Delicious tags will be far more detailed than our current system, and will organize posts to both communities.

Tag Wranglers

If you were a tag wrangler before we locked down the tags, and are interested in being a tag wrangler again, please report to the volunteer comm. Or if you're a member who is interested in becoming a member of the Delicious tag wrangler team, contact the mod team at dailyscans[at]gmail[dot]com. We'll need your help in building the new Delicious tag archive!

In future, tag wranglers will mostly be working through the interface. If you have no experience with Delicious, don't let that stand in your way - it's an easy system to work with. However, Afuna and Mark from Dreamwidth are working on a patch that will allow original posters to create/add/edit tags in addition to mods, and we will be taking advantage of that too when it comes through on the next code push.

We'll keep you all updated on the tags situation as and when we see developments.


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Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, [community profile] scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting.

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