Sep. 5th, 2011

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That is the latest miniature masterpiece by Meghan Hetrick. She is one of the Ocho Guest Artists, and you can see more after the fold.

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So while the big comic buzz last week was the beginning of DCNu, a certain well-known franchise got it's own fresh start. IDW launched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 on Wednesday, and I feel it's my obligation as longtime TMNT fangirl to share.

Now, I while there are some spoilers behind the cut, none of them are super huge, so use personal discretion. One of the scans has a moment of physical abuse, so I'll put up a trigger warning to be extra careful...

Also, this is my first time posting an entry here, so I kindly ask you to be gentle let me know if I've broken a rule/missed something so I can fix it. ^^

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When it comes to job interviews, Karen Starr is very selective of certain personality types that don't conflict with her company's vision. In other words, she's a good boss lady. As such, this is what happened to a guy who read the wrong job description.

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This is a bit of a weird one, and not just because of its name. The Weird was a four-issue mini-series released by DC in 1988 and featuring two big names: writer Jim Starlin and penciller Berni (sans "e" as he signed himself at the time) Wrightson. For whatever reason, though, it seemed less than the sum of its parts, maybe just a little out of step with the times as two 70s comics icons found themselves in the late 1980s. The inks by Dan Green certainly didn't Wrightson's work any favours, and Starlin's interpretation of Superman is off, but on the other hand it's probably impossible for those two to go at something and not produce moments of worth.

That leads to these scans, from issue #2. The Weird is an energy creature from another dimension, escaped from slavery as a battery(!) to our world when his masters launch a plan to conquer the Earth. Unfortunately he can't live in this dimension in his non-corporeal form and solves the problem in the most literal way possible: he hijacks the body of the newly deceased Walter Langley and begins his quest to save the world. An initial encounter with the JLA gets him on the wrong side of the law, as they're concerned about the minor fact that his new body is unstable and when it blows he's taking a large chunk of the planet Earth with him -- The Weird knows this, but thinks he can finish his mission before that.

The nice moment is an extended sequence with Walter Langley's son, Billy (ummm....). Parts of The Weird still are Langley and he feels a need to find Billy and explain to him what is going before it ends up all over the 5 o`clock news.

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Following my recent Scarecrow posting, I mentioned this story, and was asked to post if I could. And I can, so I will.

It's from Detective Comics 835 and 836, the post OYL era, in the midst of the Paul Dini run on Detective. This story isn't by him though, it's a fill in two-parter by John Rozum, with art by the legendary Tom Mandrake and some seriously creative used of colour by Nathan Eyring.

It's also VERY cinematic, this was written and drawn like a damn good horror movie IMHO (Or possibly a "terror movie", I believe Boris Karloff used to distinguish the difference between the two; A "horror movie" may make you sick to your stomach, a "terror movie" makes you scared to go upstairs to your bedroom in the dark after watching it. I know what he means)

So draw the curtains, turn down the lights and welcome to the Scarecrow in a whole new light... the light of....

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