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Some people have wondered who the new 'Spider-Girl' in Spiderverse is. She's Ashley Barton, also known as Spider-Bitch. She's the granddaughter of Spider-Man and daughter of Hawkeye from the alternate future in Mark Millar's 'Old Man Logan' arc.

Warning: There's one scene here that's pretty gory.

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These scans are from a one-shot propaganda comic. Created in 1947 by an uncredited writer and artist, and issued by the Catechetical Guild Education Society, a Roman Catholic publisher, Is This Tomorrow envisions, step by step, how a communist takeover of America might take place. While the scenario isn't entirely implausible (we're not talking anywhere near Chick Tract-level distortion of reality, here), it does call for more than a little suspension of disbelief in places. And snark. Let's not forget the snark.

This 48-page comic is now in the public domain (scans courtesy of

It Can Happen Here(?) Also, trigger warning for racism and violence/gore )
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If you've bought an Image book in the last two years, the odds are that you've seen an ad for Revival; usually one looking like this. The covers are all (with one exception) drawn by Jenny Frison. I posted the "beginners' guide" a while back, in case you are unfamiliar with the series.

It is a genuinely unsettling book, not just in terms of gore (there's lashings of it in this post, so, you've been warned), in body horror (which is closely tied in to gore. I felt my stomach turn when we got to the girl on the cover of #13) and the unpleasantness of people (Like a lot of horror, it raises the question of "Who is the real sick man, in this so called society?" -there was one bit at the end of the third trade that was horrible because it was likely).

It was also nominated in the 2013 Harvey for Best Artist(Mike Norton), Best Writer (Tim Seeley), Best Cover Artist (Jenny Frison) and Best New Series, but didn't win any of them.

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