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"Since the sidekick would always be somewhat sheltered and protected as long as he was in the shadow of the main hero, it made sense to have that guy killed, forcing the sidekick out into a world that has never really taken him seriously. Not the press, not the public, not the other heroes, not even the bad guys. It thus becomes part about fending for himself, and part about defining who he is in the absence of that mentor figure. It starts out very realistic and serious in the first few issues, then gradually becomes more surreal the deeper we go into the story as he begins a long slow descent into madness."

- J. Michael Straczynski

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"I don’t want to water Crossed down, and I don’t want to have to change it beyond recognition either. I don’t want to add more blood to satisfy an investor’s desire to penetrate the overseas market, nor do I want to tone it down to fit the PG-13 model. Crossed is not the perfect starting point for that Martian vampire cop idea some producer’s been cherishing these last ten years. Neither is it the next teen warrior franchise. The Crossed are not about to discover the humanity inside themselves and let the last survivor go, because he satisfied their sense of tribal honor through trial by combat. They won’t be neutralized by some serum that gives our hero his girlfriend back, even after she was bitten. And they’re not going to be reduced to xbox cannon fodder in some shoot-’em-up, either; no one’s going to be battling the Crossed Queen in a giant strap-on fork-lift.

The idea behind DOA is for Crossed to stay Crossed: in other words, to remain exactly what it has been in every script I’ve written since Jacen Burrows and I created the title. If we’re going to take Crossed onto the screen, I don’t see how we can do it any other way. If you agree- we hope you’ll come along for the ride."

- Garth Ennis

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"Obviously, the concept of immigration is a big element of the story, and will become more so in future issues. And that’s something that’s pretty close to me. I’m an immigrant myself. I’m American, but I’ve lived in Italy for eleven years, and that’s something that here, like in the US, is a big deal.

And I grew up in Southern California, so I grew up in the shadow of this possible huge earthquake that was supposed to decimate everything, and that seemed like an interesting starting place for some kind of sci-fi story." - Lee Bermejo

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Ah Hitler, if any historical personality has appeared in Superhero comics more I'll be surprised (although there was a brief time when Nixon appeared in a lot of stuff, such as an actual supervillain in Captain American around the time of Watergate). Naturally as the cause of so much evil, he's been the target of the wrath of many a superhero over the years, but due to him being a real person actual depictions of him getting killed for his crimes are relatively rare.

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