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AVENGERS #32 in an ORIGINAL SIN tie-in, but doesn't have much to do with ORIGINAL SIN. After that Watcher's eye knowledge bomb, Captain America remembers the Illuminati mind-wiped him. He goes after Tony with some Avengers, then the Time Gem appears and sends the group into the future. This happens twice, each time with some team members getting sent back to the present.

Garden, ship, worlds, etc. )
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In any incarnation of the Fantastic Four, under any writer, there will always be adventures. Always be exploring. Always some variant tale of Doom, the Negative Zone, Subterranea, Galactus, or the Skrulls.

And there will always be the underlying theme of family. After the great character cast expansions we've seen under Kirkman and Fraction, I was a little nervous about the latest reboot. What would happen to the Richards kids? To the rest of the Future Foundation? To Bentley, the Moloids, and Dragon Man?

Mister Robinson, to you I say... you had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

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FF #23

Nov. 1st, 2012 07:51 am
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The FF as we have come to know them have come and gone, as this wraps up the last issue of the group and of the team as we know them, with a special emphasis on Franklin Richards, arguably the most powerful mortal in the 616. Older Franklin is teaching current Franklin the ins and outs of godhood, and making "one last tour of the field", as Future Franklin must leave.

The issue has a lot of stand out moments with Marvel-ous moments of mirth and wonder, but the true core of the Fantastic Four is, and always has been, why Reed Richards, Susan Richards, Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm and the people they love are the First Family of the Marvel Universe.

This DOOR... is more than it appears to be. )
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The War of Four Cities/Mad Celestial/Council of Reeds war ends here.

With the arrival of the last line of defense at the end of the last issue, we get this moment.

Spoilers, but most of you would've seen this coming.

A boy and his giant. )
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To be precise, it's the PSA where he'd already learned that.

His education in the matter's the stuff of a cautionary tale, related to a guy named Joe who has a kid named Ray he could be spending more time with. Spider-Man, who'd found the latter graffiting in the dead of night, had brought the former to Four Freedoms Plaza in hopes that Mister Fantastic could get him to see sense.

Spidey's own efforts to that end, perhaps fueled by a discussion with his wife about the possibility of their trying for another child (surprising use of continuity in something like this, isn't it?), hadn't been enough. He'd told Joe the barfly that " Immaturity is the one foe even I can't fight! ", knowing that what could was wisdom in the matter.

So he'd asked Reed (because who else could Spider-Man the superhero ask?) to talk to Joe about how important a father was to a son.

He agreed to, perhaps because of how he'd learnt that lesson- being forced to confront a megalomanical might-yet-be of his own son could certainly've made him want to help those who'd never have the chance to receive the kind of wake-up call he did. )
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So if you saw the previous post with FF01 you'll know the new team isn't getting just one new member but two three plus the kids. I liked this idea but there was something that bugged me.

Previews of FF#02 behind the cut... )

First try at the new site, hope I got all the HTML right.
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Really? Really.  )

And for legality, three Power Pack scans, of Franklin Richard being adorable, and Leech making me want to cry.

Power Pack 27. )

Hopefully this fixed the cuts.  Sorry about that.

I resized the scans.  Bit of a Goldilocks problem.  They're readable now without being huge.  Sorry for my fail.  *offers up ice cream*


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