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After the events of Thunderbolts #150 and before the events of #152, there's #151.

The events of #150 and what #152's leading into are and seem to be based on the existing history of characters; #151 focuses on the Ghost, who hasn't had much of one beyond being a fervent destroyer of corporations (and, recently, a conspiracy nut.)

It's a pretty good origin story as these things go, even if it does make you think about just how necessary an origin really is for certain characters.

But there's always an out, if you want one; he's telling it to Moonstone. )
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Four scans from Invincible Iron Man #24.

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char: iron man/tony stark, char: dr. strange/stephen strange, char: ghost, creator: matt fraction, creator: salvador larroca, title: invincible iron man, publisher: marvel comics
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CosmicBookNews has the latest preview for Iron Man #24, the Iron Man Dissassembled story conclusion. Other characters are shown stepping up.

What's my name, bitch?! )


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