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How the Secret society of super-villains got it's start...


Char: Captain cold/Leonard Snart,Char: Mirror Master/Sam Scudder,Char:Sinestro,Char Copperhead/John Doe,Char: Star Sapphire/Deborah Darnell,Char:Gorilla Grood, group: Secret Society of Super-villains,Title: SSoSV,Publisher DC comics
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From Flash 80-Page Giant #1.

The title to this story is a reference to one of Dr. Seuss' earliest stories, The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. It is NOT my fault that I immediately associate a saintly name with hyperactive teenaged boys!

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My favourite feature (shockingly, not one of the ones I was really waiting for!) wasn't posted in the last Wednesday Comics post, so, I'm posting it....


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