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So for my $2.99 this is just about the best thing Marvel has going. I thought I'd post some scenes from last month's issue— #623 came out this week, but I am still putting my thoughts together about that.

Anyway, this the book that they turned Captain America into when they killed him off in Fear Itself. Basically, it charts the coming of age of Bucky Barnes in self contained single issue installments. Ed Brubaker and Marc Andreyko on words, Chris Samnee on pencils, Bettie Breitweiser on colors, Namor McKenzie on burn.

About five pages from Captain America & Bucky #622 )
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Thought this was interesting to add to the picture of Namor we're getting in the Fantastic Four post. (1 scan, follows the post here)

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Four scans from The Marvels Project #7 and Captain America #602, the two Ed Brubaker comics out this week.

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(second Hitler post in one day)

Is it just me or is that alot for a guy on fire to say all at once ?

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