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You know who REALLY disliked "Superman as government stooge"? The creative teams on the Superman books at the time! Jerry Ordway said in the "From Crisis to Crisis" Superman podcast that he want to make it clear Superman ISN'T one to follow orders blindly.

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In addition to the Newsrama interview where Levitz let the cat out of the bag early (excuse the pun) and shed new light on the premise for the upcoming Worlds' Finest series, Levitz also tells fans to 'keep in mind these are not the same Huntress and Power Girl as we knew them.'

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Greetings, True Believers! (© Proteus-Lives, so we better have a PayPal account to pay him whenever we use this phrase)

Yesterday was the anniversary of one who was truly a King. This titan walked among the Gods themselves as he immortalized their Cosmic Opera plays for all eternity. He was a man that saw the impossible and merely laughed at it as he journeyed into its mysteries. This was a man that got tired from this world so he decided to create a new one with a new mythology. This was a man whose ideas were weird and awesome that you wouldnt ask because you were already buying it. Yesterday was the 94th birthday of Jack Kirby and today I have decided to bring you an epic encounter whose magnificence will be sung forever by the Cosmic Bards on the heavens above.

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Power Girl returns to post-Crisis Earth-2, only to notice a few considerable differences. One them involves her long lost best friend, Helena Wayne/Huntress, who doesn't seem well...herself lately.

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Since the Silver Age Superman has always had a strict code against the taking of life. This one principle is so central to his character that when he accidentally killed a villain in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow he immediately stripped himself of his powers and hung up his cape.

It is with this in mind that I show you what is perhaps the most controversial Superman story of all time, The Supergirl Saga, which depicted the only canonical instance where Superman ever killed someone in cold blood, and also featured the first appearance of Supergirl in post-Crisis continuity.

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A young orphan takes a magic train and meets a powerful wizard who says he's chosen for a great destiny. No, the other orphan. Namely Billy Batson.
After the cut, some pages from the 1994 POWER OF SHAZAM graphic novel and some pages from issue #4 of the POWER OF SHAZAM series.

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Tags:char: batman/bruce wayne,char: lois lane,publisher: dc comics,title: superman/batman,creator: Paul Levitz, creator: Jerry Ordway

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Of course, back then we were supposed to be shocked at the loss of innocence. Or something.

Hey Kids, it's my first post evar! I've been inventorying and sorting my comics collection and discovering good choices, bad choices and baffling choices. You can decide for yourself about this cut from DC's second attempt at trying to fix continuity, Zero Hour: A Crisis in Time. This was before DC became like a junkie, needing more frequent hits on the old continuity vein, each one giving less and less of a hit. 5 issues of trying to make it all make sense again...and making everything far, far worse. Here's 3 pages from the last issue.

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