Apr. 15th, 2018

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"The classic revisionist superhero saga that predates Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns! Rick Veitch's ground-breaking series has been called the last word on superheroes. It is a world-spanning, continent-crushing, over-the-top adventure story that brings the United States and Russia to the brink of annihilation... from both nuclear warheads and crazed superheroes-run-amok!"

- IDW press release

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After Thundra's Guide to Picking up Men and Hyperion's Guide to Speed Dating, I give you Hyperion's Guide to Flirting with a waitress.
The first two extracts come from the excellent Hyperion: Daddy Issues mini series (which features exactly none of Hyperion's own children from Hickvengers) by Chuck Wendig, Ario Anindito and Nik Virella, while this is from the post-Secret Wars Squadron Supreme series by James Robinson and Leonard Kirk. Four pages from Squadron Supreme (2015-2017) #7

If you're tight on time and need to find love in a hurry, just remember Hyperion's Three Rules for Finding Love

  • Truth without compromise

  • Thought without error

  • All things for the betterment of the whole

This is from the time that Hyperion is discovering America by driving a truck across the country, with hilarious results, rather than co-parenting a bunch of genetically superior zebra children with Thor in the Savage Land.
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VULTURE: Well, we’re experiencing a resurgence of two things that play into The One: A nuclear threat and a fixation on superheroes. How do you explain the current superhero boom across all media?

RICK VEITCH: Well, you could tie it to a lot of things. One of the things is the rise of nationalism and fascist thought. The superhero is kind of like a fascist art form. He is a fascist fantasy. His roots are in Nietzsche’s superman, which the Nazis used as a mighty propaganda tool back in the day. It breaks my heart that these issues are still being struggled with today. Even more so.

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"Early 2001, they told Pat that they were doing an article about 80's nostalgia, and told him he would be perfect to draw a Transformers comic.

And it began."

James Raiz
(Two out of six pages for each preview)
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"I must admit that it was the Farm as a whole that sold the Fables concept to me. I had been longing to draw more organic environments and especially wildlife, and suddenly here was a story arc full of just that (plus a couple of beautiful woman to draw which is never a bad thing to draw). Thinking I would only be able to draw Fables for one story arc, Bill and Shelly offered me a choice, Legends in Exile or Animal Farm. I picked Animal Farm...and loved it so much I couldn't bear to leave! If only I'd know!"
Mark Buckingham (Fables Encyclopedia)

((7 and a 1/2 out of 22 for all issues)
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"We got totally lambasted when the first chapter, issue #42, came out, where we reveal Panther has been spying on Iron Man all along, and where Panther decks Iron Man without even working up a sweat. IRON MAN fans HATED us and HATED Brevoort for allowing their beloved armored avenger -- whom they really prefer to be unbeatable (yawn) on any conceivable level -- to be kissing the mat after only a page and a half..." - Christopher Priest

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