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A total of four pages from Blue Beetle III #7. I'd always known Jaime had a cool family, but this is where I really, seriously started wanting to be a Reyes.

So it's been a wild and woolly six issues previous to this for Jaime. He crash-landed naked in the desert only to be immediately attacked by Guy Gardner. His memory was scrambled, as seen in flashbacks to finding the scarab. He had to find clothes and dodge some shady characters called the Posse. He finally made it home in issue #3 only to discover that it's...One. Year. Later. dun dun dun His parents think he's on drugs, and when he armors up as proof of his wild story, Milagro flees screaming and Mom rejects him outright.

By #7, though, things have quieted down enough for the fam to go to the desert on a memory-jogging expedition.
KABOOOOMmm-chick-a-booooom. )

And that, my friends, is when I realized that the combined awesomeness of the Reyes clan plus honoraries could stand up to anything.
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Booster Gold #29 features the last Blue Beetle back-up. This arc felt very rushed, but Matthew Sturges managed to tell this last story within a couple issues. )

suggested tags: char: blue beetle/jaime reyes, char: brenda del vecchio, char: milagro reyes, char: paco tejas, creator: matthew sturges, creator: mike norton, title: blue beetle
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Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens/Brown paper packages tied up with string/These are a few of my favourite things
When the dog bites/When the bee (MY GOD) stings/When I'm feeling saaaaad
I simply remember my favorite things!
And then I don't feeeeeeel sooo baaaaaaaad!

Here's a collection of bits of comics that make me happy (Blue Beetle, War at Ellsmere, Superdictionary, and good ol' Birds of Prey).

Enjoy! )
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I'm shocked there's been so little reposted of most recent Blue Beetle series. Jaime and his family are awesome and every guest star comes off looking great.

So I've decided to post some scans of the End Game arc by Rogers. Sailorlibra did post some of BB 25 so I had to adjust my scans accordingly. These new rules are fine for new issues but they can really constrain compilation posts.


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