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While I'll let someone else post the pages in between, since we last left our heroes fighting an evil changeling wizard or inside a burning orphanarium fighting zombie children, they've been thrown in a river, and then picked up the changeling's trail. The fiendish villain is carrying an artifact of ill repute and vast power, and has taken refuge in a traveling caravan.

As Fell's Five catches up, they find the caravan under attack by Orcs! They break up the initial attack, and force the Orcs to momentarily pull back.

Now, to bring the travelers up to speed, in the most polite and sensitive terms possible.

Why they don't just keep the Rogue gagged is beyond me... )

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In 2008 John Rogers resigned from writing duties on BLUE BEETLE when his TV work became too time-consuming. Nowadays, however, he has more free time, and he's writing a monthly comic once again. IDW signed him up to be the ongoing writer of their new DRAGONS & DRAGONS series.

Seven pages from #1 )
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It really pains me that I can't share more than four pages of this issue now that I've finally gotten my hands on scans, but here are the best I could narrow it down to.

Others MUST step up so the internet can see the glory of discussions of Dwarven aesthetics, why a gnome being fond of you is bad, and the glorious quality of Dwarven pastries. Among other things.

This cut conceals four +3 Scans of Awesome. )
I really can't say enough good about this series, except to say that if I had to cut my pull list down to one title per month, this would be it.

GO BUY IT, YOU ALL HEAR ME? SUPPORT THIS SERIES. *grumbleTheOrdergrumbleBlueBeetlegrumbleGreatTen*

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So, yeah, I love the OPM bewareofgeek chose for Traci 13, but I have another idea for her. Two and a third pages from Blue Beetle 16.
They're facing the wrath of God. Literally. )
Excellent issue if you haven't read it BTW. All it needs is moar Brenda to be darn near perfect.
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A total of four pages from Blue Beetle III #7. I'd always known Jaime had a cool family, but this is where I really, seriously started wanting to be a Reyes.

So it's been a wild and woolly six issues previous to this for Jaime. He crash-landed naked in the desert only to be immediately attacked by Guy Gardner. His memory was scrambled, as seen in flashbacks to finding the scarab. He had to find clothes and dodge some shady characters called the Posse. He finally made it home in issue #3 only to discover that it's...One. Year. Later. dun dun dun His parents think he's on drugs, and when he armors up as proof of his wild story, Milagro flees screaming and Mom rejects him outright.

By #7, though, things have quieted down enough for the fam to go to the desert on a memory-jogging expedition.
KABOOOOMmm-chick-a-booooom. )

And that, my friends, is when I realized that the combined awesomeness of the Reyes clan plus honoraries could stand up to anything.
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Three scans from Blue Beetle #13, In Which Jaime Reyes Meets the Reach Negotiator And Has the First And Only Reasonably Pleasant Conversation. Also one fairly context-less page from #17 In Which There Is A Giant Naked Man (SFW).

John Rogers written and Raphael Albuquerque drawn. Featuring Jaime Reyes, Peacemaker, the Reach Negotiator and Typhoon. Read more... )
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Jaime learns something about the armor, meets the birds, and finds out what Lonar's Forehead is made of. Most of these bits were posted on the old comm, but I don't think they've been posted to the new one. So enjoy!

From issues 3, 4 and 11, respectively. John Rogers, Keith Giffen, writers. Cynthia Martin, Cully Hamner, Raphael Albuquerque, artists. Characters: Jaime Reyes, Barbara Gordon, Black Canary, Lonar.
What are you packing in there? )
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so i was checking the tags for Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes and apparently the issue where we find his "DARKEST FANTASIES of ULTIMATE POWER" hasn't been posted yet, which is a crying shame.

it's a one-shot issue, and i'm posting just the last couple of pages, but you won't be spoiled for anything massive for the series.

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I'm shocked there's been so little reposted of most recent Blue Beetle series. Jaime and his family are awesome and every guest star comes off looking great.

So I've decided to post some scans of the End Game arc by Rogers. Sailorlibra did post some of BB 25 so I had to adjust my scans accordingly. These new rules are fine for new issues but they can really constrain compilation posts.


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