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Paste: But do you feel constrained by “no killing” rules when you’re writing a character whose only power is a bow and arrow?

Fraction: No, I like it. Comics are too dark. They’re too grim. Dark and grim are fine, but when it’s the standard operating procedure, it bums me out after a while. It’s the challenge of getting back to the Stephen J. Cannell-ness of it all.

-- An interviewer and Matt Fraction

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Archaia Entertainment did something a little different for FCBD, rather than a comic, they released a hardback, bound compendium of some short stories serving as teasers or lures for their titles.

There's a charming "Labyrinth" short story about Hoggle and the Worm (Remember him?), an equally charming "Mouse Guard" tale. A visually interesting, but rather confusing "Dapper Men" story, an altogether odd "Cursed Pirate Girl" story, and a weird little tale called "Rust" teasing a longer story about a young boy trying to keep his family's farm together when his father is lost in a devastating world war, and another young kid, Jetpack Jones who crashes into the barn one day and stays to help out.

Some of those make me want to read more, some make me wonder what the creator is smoking, but I applaud the quality of the product throughout, and then there's this little gem of a quirky Western, which definitely makes me want to read the forthcoming graphic novel

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So Fear Itself had its official launch this week, and on the promise of some hot Broxton/Asgard action - possibly including Bill Sr. and the Missus! - I picked up issue 1.

First thing, modlies, the solicit lists this as a 56-page issue and I count 44 of that as story pages, which gives us a glorious 14 pages at least to play with as a comm before we hit the 1/3 limit. But I'm just going to give you a two-page taste of the Odindickery contained in this issue - the really big Odindickery is more than four pages long and is a MAJOR spoiler. That's the Odin/Thor rematch. This is the warmup.

Who is this US of which you speak? )

Oh, Odin, you old rascal. Hints are strong in #1 that at some time in prehistory Odin sowed the wind, and Fear Itself is the whirlwind he'll be trying desperately not to reap. But never forget the Odin motto: when you're about to be caught in the wrong, bluster. :D
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So, if you checked out the CBR preview of this ish linked to awhile back, you know what the dragons are really up to: It's time for their eggs to hatch, and they need to swallow the eggs to carry them up into space so they can be properly born. If the Avengers get in the dragons' way, they fully intend to mow 'em down, so it's up to the Pet Avengers to hold their erstwhile comrades back.

This they do, and admirably, and once the dragons have flown unimpeded into orbit (for a beautiful wordless hatching scene, thank you Ig Guara!) Throg explains the situation. Thor is most understanding, and apologetic for his hotheadedness. He summons the Avengers off to help rebuild the world, and in another lovely power pose, Throg declares "Avengers stand together. We will help." So they board the quinjet, Mockingbird carrying Hairball most adorably, and we see a big green hand grip the rim of the volcano from within as it flies off.

The End...or is it? )

Something tells me we maybe haven't seen the last of that Foom character.

4 pages under the cut; warning! layout-breaky double page spread!
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Yes, it's another Avengers Vs. Pet Avengers post, because this issue is just that awesome.

The Recap Page helpfully informs us: Cap, Thor and Iron Man are mystically frogified! The rest of the Avengers duel dragons in China! Lockheed's turned tail and joined Fin Fang Foom!

Verily, Pet Avengers, 'tis time once more to do battle! )

So. What happens now? I got no clue - the Next Issue page just has a standard Avenger/Pet Avenger Power Pose Cover, which tells us not very much. But I'll be there with bells on!

Oh, and I've hit my limit of 4 pages here, but if somebody could post at least the last panel of - ummm, page 20, I think, if I've counted right? - I'd love them forever. It's a Ms. Lion panel and, well, maybe somebody could use up our last page of the 1/3 rule with a post of Awesome Ms. Lion Panels? Because he gets some great ones that aren't germane to the plot. Early Christmas present maybe?
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Do I really need to give you a reason to click behind the cut? The team behind the projects continues to deliver on all counts, is all I have to say. And they continue to make scenes that hold the company to their name.

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for frogs are tasty and easily chargrilled. :D

When last we left our heroes: a wacky-acting Fin Fang Foom transformed Tony, Bucky and Thor into frogs. Thor used his psychic link to Throg to summon the Pet Avengers; F-cubed swallowed first the Frogvengers, then the Pet Avengers - and made Lockheed an offer he maybe, possibly, can't refuse?
I'm not telling. )
Next issue: The cover shows the Pets doing battle against a de-frogged Thor, IM and Cap. How? Why? Tune in next month, pet lovers!
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This is from the backup story in Fall of the Hulks: Spider-man vs. Thor, Cyclops vs. Iceman. While affected by the gamma radiation of the Intelligencia, Cyclops and Iceman were hulks, and remembering ways in which they irritated each other as teenagers. 3 scans under cut, 11 page story. Read more... )
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It's Friday, and it's time for some love before the weekend. I present the Pet Avenger's #3 preview, courtesy of CosmicBookNews. Why do I have to say anything more? One funny page of the preview behind the cut.

Lockheed will take on any comers. )
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When last we left our heroes, the Pet Avengers had assembled! to investigate the disappearance of Frog Thor from their psychic link, and learned he has exiled himself from his Central Park clan.

So where has Puddlegulp been all this time?

Well, (spoilers obvsly) for starters... )

So, in conclusion. We have a villain. We have a mission. We have the Power of Cute.

Have I mentioned lately that I love this series? Coz I do.

Tagapalooza! char: frog thor, char: lockjaw, char: ms. lion, char: thor/thor odinson/donald blake, char: yeti, char: zabu, creator: chris eliopoulos, creator: ig guara, group: pet avengers, publisher: marvel comics, title: lockjaw and the pet avengers
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So howzabout a little taste of the delicious crack that is Pet Avengers, hmmm? The first issue of Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers Unleashed came out this week; we've already seen the alternate cover and a preview of the prologue linked here. Now let's see the well-oiled machine that is our team in action!
Here be dragons! And, y'know. Spoilers. )
I love this so, so much. Is it next issue time yet?

Tagapalooza! char: hairball, char: lockheed, char: lockjaw, char: ms. lion, char: redwing, char: zabu, creator: chris eliopoulos, creator: ig guara, group: pet avengers, publisher: marvel comics, title: lockjaw and the pet avengers unleashed

(should Marshmouth get his own tag, or no? your call, tag wranglers!)
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I'll keep my words to a minimum except to thank Odin for reminding Marvel the fun of a COMIC book.
BCS Kids has the preview of official issue #1 of the Pet Avengers Unleashed.

Avengers Assemble!!!  )
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So, yeah, I'd say the mood needs a little lightening around here lately. Howzabout a few bits from Tails of the Pet Avengers #1? Because it is made of joy and win, my friends. It's composed of six five-page solo stories, starring Throg, Zabu, Ms. Lion, Lockheed, Lockjaw and Redwing. Here we have writing and art by the likes of Chris Eliopoulos, Ig Guara, Colleen Coover, Scott Gray, Gurihiru, Buddy Scalera and Joe Caramagna. It's just more fun than should be allowed by law, really.

Pet Avengers Assemble! )

Can't wait to see the Pet Avengers back in an ongoing title!

Tag suggestions:
char: frog thor, char: lockjaw, char: mad-dog/buzz baxter (does not exist yet), char: ms. lion, char: zabu, creator: chris eliopoulos, creator: colleen coover, creator: gurihiru, creator: ig guara, creator: scott gray, group: pet avengers, publisher: marvel comics, title: tails of the pet avengers (does not exist yet)
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OK, I got my copy today and I can't stand it anymore - if nobody else's gonna post some pages for this ish, then I will. Two pages, my own crapola scans (for a total of three from a new issue when taken with this post).

And hey, it also counts for Positive Comics week! Right?
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It was pointed out in an earlier thread (the Guardians of the Galaxy preview pages?) that the new issue of Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers hasn't gotten any love here yet. I got the ish today, and am here with 4 scans to remedy that sad, sad situation.

As you may recall from #1, Lockjaw was alerted to the menace of the Infinity Gems, found the Mind Gem, and recruited Throg the Frog of Thunder, Lockheed the Dragon, Redwing the Falcon, and Hairball and his sidekick Ms. Lion to help retrieve the remaining 5. From there they went to the Savage Land and quickly picked up the Time Gem and a new member.

They use the Time Gem to take them to find a third gem lost in the Savage Land...
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When all else fails, when faith is human and meta human is no more, they gather.

Forget Blackest Night.
Forget War of Kings.

The Pet Avengers are HERE, preview courtesy of IGN.

Que the A-Team music, que the Superfriends music, que the fanfare from Aaron Coplan's "Fanfare For the Common Man".


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