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At CBR's Cup of Joe Axel in Charge column this week, there's more art released for AvX. I assume that they are covers for individual issues in the Versus mini-event that goes with AvX.

Most of them don't interest me, though I can see why the match-ups have been made. Hawkeye vs. Cyclops. Colossernaut vs. Thing. Spider-Woman vs. Gambit. Not massively interested.


I shall definitely be buying Cheeseburger vs. Sugah )
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After the disappointment of the new Voltron cartoon (Seriously... could they make it ANY more dull or clichéd, and the animation looks like it's escaped from 1993) this gives me a little hope for the new Thundercats.

Liking the vibe of this more than I thought I would )

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Marvel reveals special Deadpool Siege #3 variant--you know, the one they want 50 stripped DC comics in exchange for--and it sort of sucks.

Not to mention offensive to women, but that's not new for Marvel. )
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So while scanning down the list of Marvel's April solicits, this cover for one of the "Fall of the Hulks" tie-ins caught my eye. And not in a good way.

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In other news, the solicit for the revamped Marvel Adventures Super-Heroes is out, and I am not amused. Why?

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