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"What has surprised me about writing Ozymandias is how much we actually DO NOT know about him, despite all the back-story he supposedly provided in the original series. I'm having great fun filling that in." - Len Wein

Writer: Len Wein
Artist: Jae Lee
Colorist: June Chung

8 out of 25 pages

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"We want to make sure every single universe is capable of sustaining its own book . . . This is not cannon fodder for the next crisis." - Grant Morrison

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Part 1 here:
Part 2 here:

Jae Lee's Hellshock wasn't the huge hit that he may have hoped for - the four issue mini-series' conclusion was delayed and plot-wise it was a bit of a mess - however there was a fair bit of hype, and it was early Image so Lee probably made a decent amount of cash from the first issue alone.

He'd return after a few years with a Hellshock supposed regular series; it didn't last long but showed a distinct abandonment in art style of the touches that made him stand-out from the pack during his short X-Men projects; between Hellshock and Inhumans, it's all photorealistic, if not photo-traced.

7 scans under the cut.

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These scans from:
Hellshock (Vol2) #3, January 1998
Inhumans (vol2) #1, November 1998
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Part 1 here:

Following his Jim Lee/Whilce Portacio/Bill Sienkiewicz (lite) style during his earliest Marvel stint, Jae Lee was snapped up by Image founder Jim Lee to illustrate an early WildCATS mini-series.

Soon after he launched a creator owned title, Hellshock, refining his art atyle in the process.

9 scans under the cut.

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These scans from:
WildCATS Trilogy #3, November 1993
Hellshock (Vol1) #1,July 1994
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Hello! I am actually making a post for the first time since April 2013! (Huzzah!)

The moment many of us have been waiting for has finally happened within the pages of Batman/Superman #8. It took nearly three years for it to happen, but I suppose better late than never.

Putting aside the fact that this story is a continuation of Paul Levitz' 2.5-year-old meandering narrative (which in my opinion is the major flaw with this crossover), I actually enjoyed this issue on its own merits. I mostly loved it for the beautiful art from Jae Lee and the character moments we got between Bruce and Helena Wayne.

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Best known nowadays for very dark, photorealistic artwork on books like Before Watchmen: Ozymandias and Marvel's Dark Tower books, his earliest comics work was of an altogether different style.

12 scans under the cut.

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These scans from:
Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, 1992
Namor #33, December 1992
Spider-Man #41,December 1993
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Seeing the makeshift Superman outfit from the new Action Comics #1 bugged me for a while. I couldn't really place it for ages, though I knew that I'd seen something similar elsewhere.

The other day, the thought came to me: The Sentry. Not the yellow and blue costumed version, or the Golden Age version, or the Fabio that appeared in New Avengers, but the one from Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee's original miniseries (avoid the second mini).

Of course, if you already know The Sentry's story, that takes a lot away from the reading experience.

The Sentry is the story of a hero that the world forgot about, coming back into existence. Many people think that he's mentally ill, until they too remember him.

Even though his story ended up very convoluted, and he was unusable in New Avengers (though I'm going to post his scenes with Emma Frost later on this week) and he was the big baddie in Siege and his memorial issue was awful, we'll always have this neat scene here.

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Greetings True Believers!

The Joes and Autobots are back for another round of WWII adventures. Grimlock! Soundwave! Roadblock! The Baroness! Scarlett! Optimus! Cobra Commander! Battles, brotherhood and suggestive language!

I love this mini. Enjoy!

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