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I'm probably out of step with most Marvel writers, in that I've stopped thinking of this as toys in a toybox. I'd rather think of what we do as a never-ending improv. I'm handing over the scene - all I can do is leave it in an interesting place and wait for the "yes, and..." to come [...] I ended on a cliffhanger. Well - not a cliffhanger per se, but definitely something that'll make the reader wonder where things will go from there. Oh, we end our plot threads - particularly regarding the Progenitors and a couple of other ongoing issues - but we don't pretend the ongoing story of the Inhumans is going to end there. The Inhumans will be back - it's just a question of when. -- Al Ewing

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"Every moment Octavius doesn't kill [Deadpool] is a moment of restraint." - Mark Waid

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Avengers #9

Aug. 1st, 2017 12:27 pm
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"I've done a lot of tie-ins to other folks' events. To me, when they succeed or when it's easy to write tie-ins are when the folks who are writing the event give you sandboxes to play in, where you can have a little more room and you can have a little more use. Instead of kind of peripherally connecting, you give them environments and stages that you can build stories out of. So, in a behind-the-scenes sense, I looked at this event and said 'If I were a tie-in writer, what would be useful to me here?' Setting up these arenas in the Darkforce and behind the planetary defense shield, and a few others that'll come into play as we go..."- Nick Spencer

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"One of the big hurdles for a science guy like me to leap is mythology ... It's a personal failing, but while I appreciate myth and magic, they don't move me the way science does." -- Mark Waid

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"I hate trying to find roles for that bird. In the words of Tom Peyer, Redwing is the Aqualad of the Avengers." -- Mark Waid

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