May. 29th, 2009

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My earlier posts here on Don Rosa's magnificent epic, The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck seemed to go down well, so I decided to spread the praise for the richest duck in the world a little further, and present some scenes from other important parts of Scrooge's life, stories that weren't included in the twelve-part miniseries but still fit into its continuity.

There'll be two "appendix" posts, both including snippets not only from Don Rosa's comics but also a bit from the late, great Carl Barks. And this first of the two is, of course, dedicated to Scrooge's one-true-love-that-almost-was, Glittering Goldie O'Gilt.

(Oil painting by Carl Barks)

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Not that kind of piracy, the other kind. The rum-soaked kind.

Long-time reader, first-time poster (but I've had my work posted at your predecessor scans_daily before -- pages from a zombie book called Dead Eyes Open, which holds the dubious honour of being the only scans_daily post that actually made people vomit at their desk)... and I thought I'd share some preview scans from an upcoming comic I've been working on -- Captain Blood from SLG. It's an adaptation of the novel by Rafael Sabatini; I'm doing the script adaptation and Mike Shoyket (recently of Tron) is on art.

The cover (minus logo and trade dress):

And the first eight pages after the cut:

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The 2nd half of the Marvel Masterwork: Triumph & Torment

*for the mods*, the story is 80 pages, not including covers, splash page with writer and artist names, etc. These are the remaining 16 pages allowed.
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The WW posts I've made so far are from a 1977 collection of Golden Age Wonder Woman comics with an introduction by Gloria Steinem. Steinem carefully picked the least whacked out stories, avoiding the more bondage-intensive ones and the ones with racist stereotypes. I received this volume as a Christmas present when I was 8 or 9. Before that, Wonder Woman was my heroine simply because she was the only girl on Superfriends. (Okay, there were two others, but Wendy and the female Wonder Twin just weren't that inspirational, okay?) This collection is how the Amazing Amazon earned her permanent place close to my heart. I read it about five thousand times; it's very well worn. I loved that she was a heroic female, I loved that it was full of pictures of pretty girls, and yes, I loved the bondage. Even then.

This collection doesn't give the issue numbers, but this story was originally published in 1945.
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I plan on posting how Terry and Donna broke up, but first here's a scene on how it could have happened...

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I have this thing where I sometimes read the Superdictionary as if it had a plot. This is the story of Catwoman and how she interacts with the Bats. (I must note that I am omitting a bunch of other Catwoman entries, but perhaps that's another story for another time.)

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And we're back; this time with an installment so ludicrous I can't even work up any real ire for it. I'm just left shaking my head in depressed bemusement, wondering how it all went so wrong. I mean, it's not that getting Cheetah a little cross-DCU exposure is a bad thing in principle, and even the basic formula of "catwoman + cat woman = double the feline fun" does seem sensible at first, cursory glance. Enough, even, that we've seen it not once, not twice, but three times with this incarnation of Cheetah at least - very impressive considering that a) Selina's not even remotely connected to Wondy, b) she's not even really exactly a *hero* and c) barring Injustice-type "everyone and their mother who was ever a bad guy is there" crossovers, her fights with Selina are the only times Cheetah's ever gotten coverage outside Diana's book. Ever.

Of course, "cursory glance" is a pretty pathetic thing to hang a story on, and it all falls apart like a house of oversize novelty cards after the Batmobile crashes into them the second you take even a fractionally deeper look at the characters involved. But Pfeifer and Loebs never let continuity or consistent characterization stop them before, and dammit, they aren't about to now.

Next up, we find out why Cheetah's wearing stupid pants, with post-ICk JLA and v3 WONDER WOMAN. Yeah, I know. But hey, at least there's pretty Dodson art.
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I was just picking up some back issues the other day and grabbed the Green Lantern/Sentinel Heart of Darkness mini. I was a little surprised when I saw the cover to the third issue

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Jade is only in a superhero costume for a few pages in all three issues. And I'm pretty sure it's an outfit completely unlike any she ever wore.
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Tokyo Storm Warning was a three-issue mini-series by Warren Ellis, which he described as "a gentle piss-take of the giant robot genre played straight." The premise is that the United States nuked Tokyo instead of Hiroshima during World War II.

Image Hosted by

This entry covers the first half of the series. I'm dividing the pages between two entries to prevent an unwieldy, huge number of pictures in one entry.


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