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IGN Comics: Are there any plans for you to write Wonder Woman down the road?

Pfeifer: It'd be interesting. I might actually be doing an issue or two that sort of ties in with Amazons Attack. I'm not quite sure when they'll be scheduled, but there have been some talks. These series are so tightly tied that maybe I'll take a crack at it. I'm not sure how that affects Jodi's schedule. I'm certainly not replacing her on the book, but there's been some talk of maybe me doing an issue or two. That'd be fun. It's certainly a high profile book, and a DC book that has been appearing since the early forties. It's always fun to take on those iconic characters.

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Pete Woods
Colorist: Brent Anderson

7 1/3 pages out of 22

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"Can someone please tell me what emotion Batman is expressing with that line? Confusion? Irony? Sadness? Anger? Acceptance? Disgust? Surprise? Anticipation? Contempt? Awe? Disappointment? Shame? Sympathy? Rage?! Oh, wait, that's me. Agony? Frustration? Apathy? It's apathy, isn't it? (Sighs) OK, you don't care, Batman, so we don't either." - Linkara

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Pete Woods
Colorist: Brad Anderson

7 1/2 pages of 23

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"Is this a Wonder Woman-centric series, or will this be more of an ensemble story focusing on a number of the different Amazons fans already know?" - IGN Comics

"Jodi will be handling a lot of the direct Wonder Woman stuff in her title. In Amazons Attack - Wonder Woman will certainly be a big part of it - but there will definitely be Amazons we've seen, a new Amazon, and some people working both with and against the Amazons. But yeah, it'll be more of an ensemble piece." - Will Pfeifer

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Pete Woods
Colorist: Brad Anderson

7 pages of 22

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In light of the upcoming Dial H for Hero series, here's a few pages from Will Pfeiffer and Kano's 2003 series, H.E.R.O!

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title: catwoman
creator: will piefer

From the It's only a Movie trade, unsure of the issue number.
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Over on noscans, in a thread about comic book architecture, there was a little talk about the Batman Black & White story about the guy who wanted to do a coffee table book on the Kooky Funky Anthropomorphized Object Buildings of Gotham, and a request to repost. So I give you 2 1/2 pages of an 8 page story, "Urban Renewal," by Will Pfeifer and Brent Anderson.
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I haven't read Catwoman since the 90's, when she had the purple costume and a rack that made Peej's look modest, but when the following page was posted to the old SD, this became my third favorite comic page ever (second favorite Batman page). I forget who scanned this, but my thanks to them for it.

From Catwoman #70... )

I've kind of kept an eye out to see if this was posted earlier, but never saw it. If, however, I missed it and am double-posting, I apologize.


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