Jul. 29th, 2009

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No, for real.

Jack Kirby conceived the various Fourth World books to be part of one epic saga with a beginning, middle, and end... a maxi-series, if you will. Unfortunately, low sales forced the cancellation of each series, although on the bright side, this did free up the various characters to make later appearances in the DC universe. In 1985, Kirby wrote a graphic novel called The Hunger Dogs designed to bring the saga to a close, although DC editorial prevented a climactic Darkseid-Orion showdown from truly closing the book, even though The Hunger Dogs was evidently non-canon. Still, it's an interesting look at Kirby's intentions, thwarted as they were.

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Years ago, in Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, they visited Earth C-Minus, a world where the Justta Lotta Animals were the pre-eminent heroes. One member was Batmouse (Who is this rodent of mystery? Is he a bat? Is he a mouse? He'll never tell) and his sidekick was the "One panel and you'll miss him"; Boyd, the Robin Wonder.

However, in the criminally underappreciated "Krypto the Superdog" series there is actually a Robin analogue too! A young bird rescued from certain doom at the paws of the Joker's criminally inclined hyena's by Ace the Bat-Hound. Developing a severe case of hero worship and takes on the identity of Robbie the Robin, to assist the unwilling... make that EXTREMELY unwilling Bat-Hound. The little birdie is so eager to please that Ace is terrified of him, Ace eventually cons his stalker sidekick into asking every pigeon for assistance in locating the Hyenas base and whilst he's out doing that, running like hell for Metropolis to hide in Krypto's doghouse of solitude)

I ask you, how could he be scared by bird with a cute little beak like that?

Oh, and late news about Brave and the Bold from Comics Continuum

Paul Dini has written "Chill of the Night!," the episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold that was touched upon at Comic-Con International last weekend.

Voices in the episode include Adam West as Thomas Wayne, Julie Newar as Martha Wayne, Kevin Conroy as the Phantom Stranger and Mark Hamill as The Spectre.

Diedrich Bader, who provides the voice of Batman, said that Batman gets "a sense of closure" and that recording the episode actually made him cry

Sweet! :)
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Just one image today. This is from Wonder Woman #8, 1944. If you read the Golden Age WW stories, you start to see that Paradise Island was developing quite an immigrant population, including women from Venus, Atlantis, America, Germany.... And come to think of it, most of them had criminal records. This could become a real problem.

That is, if you didn't keep them all tied up.
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Once Rucka's run was over, there was, mostly, pain. INFINITE CRISIS pain, Heinboot pain, Shamazons pain, it was a dark time for Wondy fans. We snarked, we cursed, we railed, we wept, we prayed for some benevolent god to save us.

There was one small, bright candle in the darkness, though, and his name was Marc Andreyko - the writer of the then-ongoing MANHUNTER, a true gem of a series about a lawyer named Kate Spencer who strapped on a costume when the Law just wasn't enough. Much in the vein of Slott's SHE-HULK, Kate dealt primarily in metahuman crime. Unlike Shulkie, Kate worked very much on the edge of Acceptable Vigilante Practices, killing those rogues whom she perceived to be too dangerous to live; she spent much of her series defending metahuman criminals in order to get close enough to effectively take them down.

Guess who, thanks to Brother Eye, was considered a metahuman criminal after the OYL jump?

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I was inspired and touched by proteus_lives post, and I wanted to refresh the memories of the old S_D board, as well as entice new members to look and take in this inspired craft. Here is the homepage.

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Greetings True Believers! I bring you scans from one of the most wonderful things I've read in a long time. The Stuff of Legend by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith. With art by Charles Paul Wilson III. It is simply beautiful. In 1944 a young boy is kidnapped by the Boogeyman out his his bedroom and the only ones who can rescue him are his faithful toys. In book I, they venture into the Dark to save The Boy.

Read more... )
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In light of certain developments in this month's WONDER WOMAN, I thought it might be interesting to go and dig up an old, potentially somewhat related SUPERBOY story from the hazy days of late '97, in which Kon teams up with the Legion, partners with Green Lantern, and tries very hard not to get his face melted.

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Looking at this 1944 cover for BLUE BOLT COMICS, I have to wonder exactly what is the situation with this woman? Are those all her own children? Maybe, they do seem awful close in age but it wasn't rare to pop out a kid a year back then. If they are hers (and she is married, as would be mandatory for comics cover), is her husband in the service and that's why he's not there? But if he had all these dependants, surely he wouldn't be dratted? Maybe he was already in the service when war heated up and in now somewhere in the Pacific? Possibly he's at work himself at the moment and she's just stirred with patriotism enough to consider dropping the urchins off so she can contribute to the war effort as well.

Or maybe some (or all) of those moppets belong to other women and she's watching them so the mothers can work the swing shift at Lockhood?In any case, it's an interesting cover that stands out among the costumed heroes punching enemy soldiers or goofball funny animals in that year. It does give a hint of how many public service posters and signs were everywhere... "Save Your Scrap To Beat the Jap." "Is This Trip Really Necessary?" "Tin Cans in the Garbage Pile Are Just a Way of Saying Heil," "Buy War Bonds Today"...


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