Dec. 7th, 2011

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While reading GREEN LANTERN #3 I was thinking about Hal, Sinestro, and Batman. And then it hit me like a power ring construct of a giant green boxing glove:

Hal Jordan doesn't like Batman because Batman reminds him too much of Sinestro.

Any validity to this theory? Maybe Geoff Johns is just writing Sinestro to sound as Batman would at his most Batdickish.

Legal page after the cut. )
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The Dark Angel saga on X-Force was supposed to come out this week, but my local pusher, I mean CBS didn't get it. So I'm fuming, but I was able to get a little taste of the good stuff, and I wanted to share. has the preview. Two behind the cut.

Going straight through the eyeballs into the brain.

Angel's landing. )
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I don't know if anyone's posted or seen this already, but there are quite a few spoilers here for the upcoming issues of Avengers: the Children's Crusade.

I'm keeping out a few tags on purpose for those who wish for no spoilers.

Victor the white and some familiar faces... )

Huntress #3

Dec. 7th, 2011 05:33 pm
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So do you remember Helena's team-up with Catwoman in the post-Crisis continuity, where Selina basically left the security dogs to chase after Helena so she could focus on bypassing a complex security system? Well, I think Helena finally found a solution to that problem in Huntress #3!

And damn, there were so many good scenes in this issue, 4 pages doesn't even begin to do it justice. On the bright side though, I think Levitz finally dropped our first "official hint" on Helena in this issue. I promise it's a very *subtle* one. I think. Maybe.

Anyway, moving on...

4 pages of SQUEE! for your viewing pleasure! 8D )

"Real Life"

Dec. 7th, 2011 08:02 pm
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I'm a fan of Real Life, a "slice of slightly deranged sort-of-autobiographical life" webcomic, which I've posted samples before.

Sure, it may not be ground-breaking in tone, it uses a repetitive and simple art style (though that sort of thing rarely bothers me), but it makes me smile, and I do find myself having a more than occasional "Yup, I can be that geeky too" moments.

Greg is the main character, a fictionalsed version of the author, and his wife Lis, new baby daughter Harper, and their friends who include Tony (who is to Bond villains what Mycroft was to Sherlock) and Dave, who is sort of Tony's sidekick.

Geekiness: The Next Generation )

And you KNOW Disney would market these... )
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This week is a large oddity for me, since there's nothing at all on my pull list.

That's not to say that I don't have things to read.

Last week, I bought Jungle Girl vol.1 on Comixology because each issue was 99c.

I've got a proper book without any pictures to read for book group that's actually quite thrilling, which is an intriguing novelty.

And I've got a small pile of She-Hulk to work through. I picked up the Cosmic Collision issue, because it's drawn by current Supergirl artist Mahmud Asrar. Here's a little snippet )

Here's also a little bit from the 2004 Dan Slott series, where Jennifer Walters get hired at a top legal firm, working in superhero law )
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Our new X-23 story arc opened with Julian and Logan talking about why Julian decided to go to Westminster. It was very awkward and hostile. Then.

(4 pages from X-23 #17; 4 pages from X-23 #18) )

I am very much fchoizefhziufhznffhniuxhzaduihauzdbxuycbgef love all this angst XD
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I've been wanting to post this terrifying tale of a some people's heroic struggle against a demonic bear for a while...

But before that, here' some Bearmageddon!
Behind the Cut )


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