Jan. 13th, 2018

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Ed Piskor: I put a tweet out there and said Marvel should let me make whatever X-Men comic I feel like making. [Axel Alonso] got in touch pretty immediately, and asked, “What would you want to do?” I immediately thought about “Elegy,” because if this is the only Marvel thing that I ever do, I want to draw it all. I love the X-Men, it’s my favorite comic, it’s kind of the only thing that I know, and only up to a point. When you were done, I was done. I was thinking about “Elegy”…

Chris Claremont: If only I’d have sent Axel that tweet. That would have made life a lot more productive the last five years.

Piskor: It’s funny how that stuff works.

Claremont: My laughter’s probably a little different from yours.

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The police arrived.

Detective Amarillo updated her colleagues on the state of things- almost all of the suspects in Boddy's murder were dead.

She had one of them, Mr. Green, in custody for the apparent murder of the least likely.

She took him away, leaving the other cops on the scene.

Under the scene were Professor Plum and Dr. Orchid, the two suspects Amarillo couldn't definitely account for.

With them was Boddy, alive.

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