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Ten years ago, Scans_Daily was first treated to the adventures of "Batman and Sons", by the artist known as The Black Cat. Sort of inspired by Tiny Titans, but going in it's own awesome directions very quickly, it's the story of Batman raising three Robin's and a Batman Beyond at the same time, and I realised that newer members of the board might not be familiar with them, and frankly, every Bat-Family fan should.

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"Batman is very predictable. The Joker is the other side of the coin. In my version, he changes his personality every five minutes. At times, he appears friendly, charming and funny. He's a clown, anyway. The next moment, he shows himself as melancholy, endearing, tender sometimes with a girl who remains his hostage. But he remains a monster, an unpredictable killer. Like all psychopath characters, he is fascinating. A bit like Hannibal Lecter in 'The Silence of the Lambs'." -- Enrico Marini (translated from French)

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Who here has been playing the the Telltale Batman series? What did you think the of the conclusion of Season 2? This is probably become one of my favourite non-Canon Batman incarnations... It gets very dark, but the characters are so very compelling.

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