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What you have heard on the internet is true (if you have been following the latest Buffy the Vampire series last year.) The ending of the issue is a big WHOPPER.


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Remember back when it was originally announced that a Buffy reboot was green-lit without any involvement from franchise creator, Joss Whedon? Then do you remember the part about hell breaking loose, not just from fans but even Buffy cast themselves?

Well peeps, I think our wishes have all been answered.

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For legality, how about some Buffy/Satsu? NSFW. )
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I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet. Today the Dark Horse solicitations for April let slip the identity of Twilight. Who is he?

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Earlier today, [personal profile] sherkahn posted two covers to upcoming Buffy, The Vampire Slayer issues. One featured main villain Twilight with his face blurred out. Well, a few hours ago, CBR published the unblurred version and...well...

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The interview with Editor Scott Allie about issues #32 & #33 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic can be found at CBR. Looks like some homage is being paid.

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As posted in the previews and the last post on scans_daily 2.0, this issue shows us again why Buffy is "Buffy the Slayer" and why she is such a great hero. Buffy has been backed into a corner she can't get out from, and for the most part she and the leadership of the slayers have been retreating. They have taken the initiative no, and as usual they go from the frying pan into the fire. Still, Buffy will fight the good fight against overwhelming odds, a fight she will more than likely loose. And yet she goes on, and she inspires the others to fight on, too. We get the results of the big battle.

Here is the spoilerific last image of #30

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Newsarama has some pages from the special #25. Here are some pics for S_D Newsarama's Preview of #25, Buffy Season 8 blog.

Oh yeah, preview spoilers ahoy!


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