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Issue #7 of his book's solicited for May.

Issue #6 came out this week, continuing Cray's dealing with Arthur Curry.

It also set up another echo of a familiar character for him.

It did so in cutaways. )
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Writer: Ann Nocenti
Artist: Georges Jeanty
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colorist: Michelle Stewart

So... since we've been discussing the Joker's Daughter, why not look at her first real issue? She debuted one issue before this, but this is her official debut.

Warning for violence and self-harm.

Read More... )
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I promised I'd post this someday.

The Forensic Files of Batman isn't a comic book. Nor even juxtaposed images in sequence. (So I included a scan for legality from Superman/Batman 1) It is a prose novel by Doug Moench.

It ambitiously sets out to be Forensics 101 for the layman, depicting in as much detail as possible realistic forensic methods that Batman has used in cases. The book has no overall story. It is divided into chapters, of which each is a separate case file.

It doesn't have Robin or the JLA. It's set at the beginning of Batman's career. This is not the BatGod, nor the superninja. This is the man who fights crime by being a detective. Read more... )
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During the 30 Days of Scans, many of us have said Batman's biggest flaw/drawback/etc. is when he's a jerk to other superheroes. Sometimes Batman is a jerk for a reason, sometimes just to be a jerk, sometimes because he's Batman.

So, how about some examples of Batman being a jerk to other superheroes? And if Batman is being a jerk just because he's Batman?

Two examples after the cut. )
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(X-posted to robin_daily, sorry if you have to see this twice.)

I've been wanting for a while now to see art of Steph and Tim, as Robins, teamed up. I even considered commissioning a real artist to draw it. But a sale on markers at Hobby Lobby nudged me into taking a crack at it myself.

Double the Robins, double the butt-kicking! )

And for legality, Superman and Batman. They know each other almost too well, don't they?

So, so married. )
We still can't tag, right? suggestions:

char: batman/bruce wayne, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/steph brown, char: superman/kal-el/clark kent, creator: dexter vines, creator: ed mcguinness, creator: jeph loeb, medium: fanart, title: superman/batman
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I have never posted scans before, mostly fearing I have a terrible scanner, so I hope these are all legible! But I felt like Tim needed some love, so...

Three pages from Red Robin )


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