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Since she's returned to comics after a lengthy absence (last seen being drugged by Tim Drake after eating some chocolates he'd doped, I think it was) I thought that it'd be fun to post some bits of Lady Shiva injuring people out of context.

If only because she's more interesting than Deathstroke, despite filling the same niche as him (only she got where she as by hard graft, while he cheats by having explicit superpowers) while having an actual code of conduct instead of just pretending to have one these days.

So here we go!
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As per the lazyreader's request (how do I put a person's name as a link anyway) for some 80's and 90's events I bring you all the first part of the Bloodlines event that ran in 1993.

For those completely unacquainted with the event it basically was a series that ran in every DC annual at the time and introduced one or more new characters in each story these members were called the New Bloods. After running in each annual the series concluded in a two part mini in Bloodbath.

But I'll explain a little more in depth in the issue itself so as to not give away the entire idea of the event and these new characters.

Here in Lobo's annual we meet purple haired spaceship Captain Toronga Layla.

18 pages plus the cover from an over sized 56 page story.

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Beneath the cut, a page from The Gutters, a comic related webcomic by Ryan Sohmer working with various artists. This time it was the turn of Paul Southworth, creator of Ugly Hill.

I suspect this webcomic might strike a chord...

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I think we can start a counter for the amount of times Wolverine has suffered something like this.

Suggested tags: char: frank castle/punisher, char: james howlett/logan/wolverine, in-joke:inna nertz

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Because someone requested it more of them and I really agreed. Here's to filling up the "inna nertz" tag.

Suggested tags: ninjas, title: new avengers, char: spiderwoman/jessica drew, char: luke cage, skrulls, char: iron fist/danny rand, inna nertz

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