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This is one of those good ol' fashioned "misleading covers" in that nothing remotely like it happens in the issue.

Last issue, Brainiac took Earth as his new body. Now it's one week later...

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Previously in Justice League Beyond 2.0...

Superman, in his secret identity of firefighter Kal Kent, was asked out by a co-worker.

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'My first exposure to "Batman Beyond" was actually in the comics. I became aware of what it was all about with the first Adam Beechen miniseries, which I really enjoyed. I think it's a really cool universe on its own.' - Christos Gage

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It's One Year Later for the JLU...

'[Batman Beyond the cartoon] was around the time I was getting married and had a lot going on, so this has been a lot like my exposure to "Buffy" where I'd never seen any episodes of "Buffy" or "Angel" before I got the job writing "Angel & Faith."'

- Christos Gage

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