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Written by carry bates and art by curt swan and Bob Oksner.

This is during the period where Clark Kent was a news anchor. Context the weatherman Oscar Asherman is making strange violent weather predictions that keep coming true. It is up to superman to find the maning behind his dastardly forecast.... now a trip to the 777777777777777000000000000000s

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I wonder if they kept the costumes, superman could pass for flash pretty easily.
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Newsarama has just put up a preview of a few DC Retroactive issues. The Flash one caught my eye since it features a flashback to my favorite Flash villain and story arc.

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Information from the San Diego Comic Con and some thoughts about the Green Lantern movie gave me an epiphany about Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man.

We want Peter Parker to be Barry Allen, not Hal Jordan.

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Need Help

Mar. 26th, 2011 10:03 pm
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So I was reading a collection the other. Can't remember which but there was one story I'd like to find. It was a green lantern story with the 4 earth boys meeting for a campfire thing. Guy was toasting marshmellows and Kyle was late because he ran into a bad guy. Anyone know?

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