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has the preview of #646. KidLoki's tale is ended, Sif's tale is about to begin. If the Kathryn Immonen and Valerio Schiti are playing a long game like Kieron did before
them, I am looking for clues and cues right now.
(Don't like being stung like that)

There may be hope for you yet.  )
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So long, fairwell, auf weiderzehn good-bye!!!

The conclusion to the Manchester Gods storyline.


Break out the hankies.

So long, farewell, auf weiderzehn, good-bye. )
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Have they collected them yet or must I get the issues one by one?

Journey into Mystery #639 darlings. The preview's up on CBR. Key words are "trash can of doom" and "I'm not your secretary, Loki".   In my day, we didn't have doctors! We have barbers, who'd bleed and leech you... )
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I was looking through the archives and I was see that no one posted this.

Journey Into Mystery #'s 633-636 featured Loki teaming up with Daimon Hellstrom to stop Nightmare, and the whole wacky adventure finally concluded with this, the single best thing to come from that series to date (which is saying a lot) )
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ComicBookResources has the preview of Journey Into Mystery #637 as

... oh, why bother. You know its going to be good.

Click behind the cut already!

2 pages from the preview behind the cut.

Adventure time! )
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aka - EXILED!

From Newsarama's preview

• It’s NEW MUTANTS. It’s JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. It’s NEW MUTANTS *and* JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. It’s the New Journey Into Mutant Mystery! (With a left over “s”.)

• A forgotten hero returns, mightier than Thor himself, but will the truth behind his exile consume them all?

Two pages under the cut )
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ComicBookResources has the preview of this issue, as something is forged, made with impossible stuff. Stuff only found in dreams.

Edit: One more page, because it took forever to come up on my screen and I didn't realize how funny it was and worthy of posting.

Especially the wet stuff.... )


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