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Oh my, this IS a tough one, I've been a sucker for team books all my life; the X-Men, the New Mutants, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the JLA, the JSA (Who I mostly knew about through the JLA/JSA crossovers), the All-Star Squadron, Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, the Batman Family (which I knew when it was at the more ... manageable scale of one Batman, one Batgirl, one Robin and then a replacement Robin and a Nightwing... not that I didn't like the additions, but...) and of course, the New Teen Titans. I'd even count the five principle Bronze Saints from Saint Seiya as a team.

All these have been part of my comic reading experience since the age of... well let's not go there, so picking one is like being asked to pick between a boxful of cute, but different puppies. It's almost impossible.

But, whilst I've posted a LOT of New Mutants and New Teen Titans and Batman Family stuff over the years, there was always one team which was THE team... and it might not be one you'd think of, but it holds a special place in my heart.

The Legion of Super-Heroes )
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a night out at the pub!


This is an unsual issue in that it has four different pencillers; David Williams, Mike Wieringo, Jeff Moy and Mike Miller, the art shifts are a little jarring at times, and Brian Braddock's hair approaches the hilarious at times, but try not to let that distract you..

Hi-jinks ensue )
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As the sun sets (or rises depending on time difference) on scans_daily's "Dude in Distress Week" (and thank you to the mods for it and to everyone who contributed such great issues), I thought I'd make a couple of posts featuring my favourites... First post will be some commissions, the second post will be some classic moments from the past, and the third will be my nomination for perfect "Dude in Distress" issue. And yes, I should probably apologise in advance for the sheer Robin-centricity of them, but frankly you should know me better by now! :D If cute guys in pixie boots aren't you're thing, please feel free to skip them all.

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A page from AVENGERS #6, as well as a couple of commissions with Ultron playing the part of Yorick. And no, not in that adaptation of Y: THE LAST MAN we're all waiting for.

Alas poor Ultron. Sort of. Not really. )
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I'm not a scientist, but I DO work at a place which has some of the cleverest people in the country on staff; brilliant engineers who have built everything from satellites and landers to particle accelerators, software developers who helped build the Internet, physicists of every flavour from particle physics to the sort that require more dimensions than the Great old Ones inhabit... Seriously, their combined IQ would be terrifying.. But are they SMART as well as clever? That's a difficult question.

A former Chief Exec used to tell a story about visiting another research establishment, and asking how many scientists were employed there. Their CE told him "We have around two hundred scientists, and one inventor"... when asked to elaborate on what the difference was he was told "The inventor isn't the best scientist we have, but it's his output that allows us to pay for the two hundred scientists!"

And how does this relate to comics, well, this is a case study, as it were, of the difference between the two concepts of clever and smart...

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Now anyone who has been reading my posts would start to think that I was obsessively interest in the heroic career of young Mr Grayson of Gotham City to the exclusion of all others... This is, of course, far from the truth. I am attracted to well toned, blue eyed, dark haired heroes who are very confident in their masculinity without the need for macho posturing. (And another coincidence here is that they have similar looking little brother's (adopted or actual) who followed in their footsteps!)

But such heroes only come along every... oh, let's say a thousand years! Good thing for me we have the Legion of Superheroes!

Magentically attractive near naked guy under cut! )


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