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Greetings True Believers!

Do yourself a favor, pick up the Marvel one-shot "Shame Itself". It's made of ROFL.

Comedy + Iron Man x Colleen Coover = Fun!


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Greetings True Believers!

The JiM intros/recaps/previews are most often hilarious and cute. Issue #629 had full doses of both.

Loki's Magic Secret Action Squad!

Volstagg explains it all!


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With most of the main story going on in Fear Itself in the foreground, Loki and his forces mount a daring sneak attack from an unsuspected corner. ComicbookResources has the preview, as the end game is reached.

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Loki's 11 caper is set in motion.

Ok, maybe not 11 (7 to be accurate) but you get the idea.

Last two pages behind the cut....

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I've decided that most of the Marvel crossovers seem to work better if you pretend the actual main book doesn't exist. Fear Itself has been better than most of them about this, with a lot of fun, interesting work being done in the various spin-offs and limited series, with some newer creators and some of the less-exposed characters.

Youth in Revolt is essentially another volume of Avengers: The Initiative, and in keeping with my last post on the subject, I wanted to show off another nice Cloud-9 moment, in which she and Thor Girl participate in a time-honored Marvel Universe tradition.

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Greetings True Believers!

The MU is a dangerous place and with mutants, aliens, gods, gamma monsters, vampires, robots and whatnot running around; the little social rules have extra layers of meaning.

This bartender is about to find that out.


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