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Now, I'm 25 and my DC is the continuity that ran from Legends in 1986 to Flashpoint in 2011. Out of that I got Starman, I got what I think is the best run of JLA ever written (thanks Grant Morrison), I got so many amazing Batman stories with art from greats like Jim Aparo and Graham Nolan, and a run of Superman where he ended up with the woman he was supposed to end up with, and they lived happily... ever... well. You get the idea.

Spoilers for DC Comics from Infinite Crisis onwards under the cut, but this will all dovetail into some stuff about Power Girl.

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A/N: Much love to Shea and Kamster for helping me put this together.  This post is really, really long and focuses largely on racial inequalities in the US.  This is in no-way directed to Scans_Daily or its philosophy.  I just need to get this off my chest.


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Yes, I posted this before. But that was just the cover. This is an actual preview of the comic, and thanks to ComicBookResources , we can get to see the fan-girl fun.

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Since it was announced by absence that Power Girl would be absent from the first 52 DC books in the 90s relaunch, I've been thinking a lot about how she could be included in the reboot. I'm at least glad that she isn't going to be in the new JLA, as I've already got Ms. Marvel as a character who's gone from having her own quite good solo series to having to live on little cameos in the premier team book.

To that end, I've had a flick back through some of the Palmiotti/Gray/Conner series and re-read the first issue of the Winnick/Basri run. Power Girl is quite fortunate to have had two sets of creators present a consistent run on the book, doing the story that they want to tell and then leaving when they want. Compare that to the directionless creative mishmash that Supergirl's gone through since her title debuted and you could probably say that she's had one of her best runs.

Here's three pages of her revised origin from Power Girl #13
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I've also been scouring Project Rooftop and Deviantart for other versions of Power Girl. As far as I can manage, I'm going to credit the original artist for everything.
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I've also got some pictures that would make this post need a nudity advisory. If there's a demand for these, I'll post them at some point in the morning.


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