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Imagine the following scenario: 

You have a new girlfriend - one that you like very, very much. Unfortunately, because you are a teenage vigilante, she doesn't know your name. After one perfect night on the town, in uniform, blending with a crowd of sci-fi geeks in costumes, she tells you that she's pregnant. With another guy's kid.

You are Timothy Drake. What do you do?

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Inspired by bluefall's posting on Catwoman's Post-Crisis origin and how Batman influenced her, here are two pages from CATWOMAN (Vol 1) #94. The story is written by John Francis Moore, and the art is by Staz Johnson and Wayne Faucher. They do a good job copying/riffing/homaging David Mazzucchelli's style for YEAR ONE flashbacks.

Any whoring is carefully not mentioned. )
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Okay guys! Here's my last Super Steph post! *sniff* It's been fun, and thanks a lot for the nice stuff said, and thanks you gave me. I'm also very happy to hear this (and/or my posts on the old s_d) turned some of you into Steph fans.

Any one who'd like to visit, I have a Steph Wiki. It's very thorough, with scans, art, interviews, news, issue summaries and profiles on Steph and her various allies and enemies. I'm proud of it, in a geeky fannish way. Though it's mostly me, I've had help from k9feline, scottyquick, stephsvoice and most recently, LevralMrX who is a Spoiler fan from France! Steph fans are taking over the world, people! Anyway, he sent me these Steph backup scans, which used to be on the most excellent site Even Robins (devoted to Jason, Steph and animated Tim) but the site appears to be deceased. :(

They're early Steph stories from Showcase and Batman Chronicles. Also, Steph beating up her baby daddy, getting comforted by Tim, and running off some gangsters but also getting knocked on her ass. It's hard to be a trainee vigilante.

Robin #80, Robin #107, Robin #40, Huntress/Spoiler, Batman Chronicles #22 and Showcase '95 #5.


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