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"These 'ideas' are not ideas at all. Ideas bring life to these legends and extend/renew their freshness. Chopping off Aquaman’s hand did nothing for Aquaman, marrying off Clark Kent did nothing for Superman. They sold some comic books, but these are dead ideas in that they lead to dead ends. Marvel *completely* misinterpreted and distorted Spider-Man vs. Wolverine to use it as justification to marry Pete and MJ, when the point of that story was the *exact* opposite: why theirs would be a dysfunctional and unsustainable relationship. Years later, Marvel did it again, completely missing the entire point of my BP/Storm flirtation–the unconsummated love since childhood–and married them off. No offense to the writer, but it was a dead idea in that all it did was build a dead end to T’Challa’s future and make him less interesting. Having Batman run around with an un-dead 10-year old violates everything Batman is about." - Christopher J. Priest

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I've lately been slowly reading through Priest's Black Panther run, and yesterday I read an arc which was rather amusing given recent event. I think I saw someone mention part of it in the comments of scans_daily recently, actually, something about sort of Illuminati like gather involved Black Panther, Doom, Magneto and Namor. It also involved T'Challa flirting with Storm way before Hudlin's run. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I hope it's not overly complicated, but it's Priest's run which tends to have a bazillion things happening at the same time and also is tough to cut to 7 pages.

Black Panther v3 #26, ~7 pages

It starts with a flashback:Read more... )

Black Panther v3 #27, 7 pages

Where international tension starts ramping out, and also the flirting:Read more... )

Black Panther v3 #28, ~7 Pages

The one with the Illuminati-like meeting: Read more... )

Black Panther v3 #29, 3 pages

Mostly concluding the stuff between Namor and Black Panther: Read more... )
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Time once again for a dip into the amazing-ly crack-eriffic Amalgam Universe!

When last we left our Merry Metamutants, they were... well, not doing too well.

Sad to say, after a timeskip of unknown length, they aren't actually doing better, but in fact worse.

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[personal profile] jazzypom requested "Wanda/Captain America where she mind 'roofies him'" and I just so happened to have these issues: Captain America and the Falcon #6 and #7, part of Avengers Disassembled. Five full pages, one partial page and one cover from one issue, three full pages and one partial page from the next.

Cover: Wanda and Cap kiss
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And we come at last to STEEL 52, the final issue of the series. While I'm not certain, that has to make it DC's longest running title starring a person of color, right?

This issue is crammed to the bursting point, as the creative team rushes to tie up as many dangling plots as they can. They had very little advanced warning of the cancelation.

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Job-hunting's the subject of this issue, as Natasha searches for a job, Skorpio applies for a job, and Steel hires extraterrestrial bounty hunter Glenn Gammeron (who was a Justice League member for five minutes) for a job.

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STEEL 50 was slated to be part 7 of 9 of the "Millennium Giants" cross-over event that ran through a bunch of DC's books. Priest asked them not to do this. He implored DC not to involve STEEL's fiftieth issue of all issues in an event whose other eight chapters would occur in other books, an event where Steel was just one player among a dozen. He begged the higher-ups to allow him to give the long-time Steel fans the milestone issue they deserved.

Guess how that went.

I was originally only going to post the single page out of the entire issue that has to do with the events of this title -- the other 21 are about the Millennium Giants story -- but flipping through the issue, I'm reminded that there's some stuff about Steel adjusting to being a JLA member and suddenly operating at a much larger scope that's sort of interesting, I guess. (He joined in an earlier chapter of the crossover, I believe.)

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But if you want to skip all that, here's the only page from STEEL 50 that actually has to do with the rest of the series:

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Throughout the run, Steel's brother Clay Irons has been lurking in the background, secretly working to keep Steel and Natasha safe in his own criminal way -- that and taking possession of a pair of Steel's flight boots. This issue, we get his full story.

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The relationship of Spider-man and Daredevil has just undergone a character changing moment (The Death of Jean DeWolff). It was immediately followed by a character defining arc for Daredevil (Born Again). Before, he was the older brother, the one who knew better. He started his career out of vengeance, but continues it for love. He was the preachy one who thought heroes ought to be serious. He believed in JUSTICE--and he knew that sometimes you had to take the long view and make the hard choices to get it.

Now, "crazy" has been added to Daredevil's character attributes. Along with a deeper connection to religion and a specific territory that he considered his. With the highwater mark for the title being essentially "Daredevil's crappy life", Matt Murdock's life would get bad enough that occasionally even Spider-man was impressed at it's depths.

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Still coming to terms with his run-in with racial profiling last issue, Steel pays a visit to Metropolis, which is apparently some sort of Bizarro Jersey City. He runs into Superman and Lois Lane, who gives him relationship advice.

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Steel #42: By far my favorite ever story starring an armored black superhero that takes place in a hospital, of all the many stories starring armored black superheroes that take place in hospitals out there.

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