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Enemy Ace was one of DC's numerous war comics back in the day, from when certain restrictions to the superhero genre in the mid-1960s lead to the creation of Sgt. Rock, the Losers, Johnny Cloud (Navajo Flying Ace) and others. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, Hans von Hammer's original series was based during the First World War, inspired by such historical figures as the Red Baron, and fitting the morally ambiguous nature of the conflict, he was depicted as a noble, if not good, man who ended up fighting in a war that didn't necessarily have a "right" side.

Skip forward a few decades, and Garth Ennis decided to revive the character and place an older Hans in the 1940s to see how the far less grey nature of the Second World War would effect the character... And this was what we got.
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More from The Filth. Greeting you at the door, it's the corrupting meme that walks like a man: Spartacus Hughes.

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This week, I had a terrible scare with my faithful and sweet 5-year-old cat, always healthy and strong till now, suddenly weak and leaving blood spots everywhere she sat. Culminating, after the generosity of my friends(me being broke), in a vet visit today on my birthday. And through it all, Tony in one of my favorite comics ever, THE FILTH, kept coming to mind. This week, I felt like Greg Feely.


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