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Do you miss Eclipse Comics? I certainly do. Let's lookl at the first issue of Eclipse Monthly, their first color anthology comic.

Three pages each of four ten-page stories, and two pages of a six-page story. WARNING: "Dope" is an adaptation of an early Sax Rohmer story, and has period racism.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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No, the title is not a reference to Sins Past or any of that. Today we will look back at Gwen Stacy during the Steve Ditko days on Spider-Man. Gwen was a much different character during Ditko's days.

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Back in the old days of Spidey comics, Aunt May was often portrayed as a doddering old codger who didn't realize that her nephew was Spider-Man. But she also wanted something else out of Peter. She wanted him to date Mary Jane Watson.

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For 25 issues, the monster Gorgo had her own comic series.  That's even longer than Marvel's Godzilla (by a single issue).

A movie that a lot of giant monster fans love, loaded with symbolism regarding the political "Troubles" of Northern Ireland and suggested by Leonard Maltin (who gave it 3 stars) for Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Lets take a look.

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Ever wonder what Steve Ditko would think of the Occupy Wall Street movement? Well, here's an idea!

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A few posts down about Miriam Sharpe, we discussed why the Marvel Universe General Public seems to hate superheroes. What started with J. Jonah Jameson hating Spider-Man and Bolivar Trask building Sentinels to "save humanity" from mutants turned into Standard Operating Procedure for the MU public. And they act that way even without the Hate-Monger or the Serpent from FEAR ITSELF.

From MARVELS #4. Two pages, and the Lee/Ditko panels from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #10 that established J. Jonah Jameson's envy problem after the cut.

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It doesn't really get any more perfect than her origin story, does it? You know the one. For the Doom fans out there, it was undoubtedly a Doombot, right?

Taken from 1992's Marvel Super-Heroes #8, by Steve Ditko and Will Murray and proving that the 90s weren't all bad.

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Originally posted in Scans_Daily 1.0: 2006-03-15 11:37:00
Remixed for additional content! Now in Technicolor!
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In Amazing Spider-Man #18, we see the various reactions the heroes and villains have to the news that Spider-Man apparently ran away from a fight with the Green Goblin (he actually had run away because he overheard that Aunt May had suffered another heart attack and was asking for him).

title: amazing spider-man, creator: stan lee, creator: steve ditko,char: wasp/janet van dyne,group: avengers

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I got a lot of people making sweet love to Season # 1 & #2 of the Venture Brothers, without getting so much affection for season 3, which is a shame, because that season closed out with truly stupendous CRACK and sheer BAD-ASSNESS!

Because I am almost tempted to start a Venture Brothers week, I will post the episode that had my neighbors complaining from the laughter and "HOLY SH!T" I was saying out loud throughout this episode. If I get good response, I will.

Because the talents behind the Venture Bros. are our kind of people.

Link behind the cut.
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To celebrate Halloween this year, I've posted a bunch of my favorite Steve Ditko horror comics covers, all from his Charlton days. I never seem to remember that Ditko's birthday is a couple of days after Halloween (On Nov. 2nd, he turns 82).Well, I remembered this time, and although there isn't a terribly strong connection between both of these themes, it's more reason to post some Ditko. Additionally, one of his classic collaborations with Archie Goodwin, "Room With a View", is also included here. Just follow the cut for horror covers and comics at their finest.

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This just in. Karl Mordo, evil sorceror who has long been a public menace to our dimension, was killed this afternoon by a single gunshot wound to the head. Apparently this mundane weapon took him by surprise.

In custody, the unnamed perpretator is quoted as saying, "The fool was throwing gang signs. He dissed my hood, I had to pop a cap on his ass."

Mordo's longtime arch-enemy Dr Stephen Strange of New York City reportedly could not stop laughing long enough to make a comment. In lieu of flowers, the Mordo family asks that goats be sacrificed to the Dread Dormammu.
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Everyone is freaking out about Disney, but it could have been worse.

Michael Jackson apparently approached Stan Lee about buying Marvel

I know some of you don't like me posting the articles here, but I thank you for supporting them and appreciate those who have given feedback.

Making it legal..

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For as much fail as it churns out, Big Hollywood occasionally offers some genuine gems.

I can't stand Objectivism, but I find Steve Ditko's treatment of it irresistibly compelling, perhaps because the comic book medium is a far more appropriate venue for such a Manichean philosophy than the thousand-page rape-justifying tomes that Ayn Rand routinely shat out (it certainly helps that none of Ditko's characters ever barfed up a 70-page screed like John Galt, not to mention the fact that Ditko actually managed to create characters who were more believable as human beings than any of Rand's strawmen or Mary Sues, even when his characters were radioactivity-powered superheroes).

The following four pages constitute "In Principle: The Unchecked Premise," a short story originally published in the 160-page graphic novel Steve Ditko's Static in 1988:

As crudely simplistic as it is, it's still better than either reading or watching the "fireplace scene" between Howard Roark and Dominique Francon in The Fountainhead, but then again, so is getting punched in the crotch until you hemorrhage internally and die.


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