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There has been a lot said, and rightly so, in praise of making the Flash's Rogues less of a bunch of competing villains (a la Gotham), and something closer to a criminal fraternity.

However, they weren't always like that, and it was William Messner-Loeb who pretty much started that trend in 1989. That last one in particular is a "Villains being Awesome" post in it's own right.

Some years before that though, back in 1985 to be exact, over in the Marvel Universe another set of villains became something more than the norm.

From Serpent Squad to Serpent Society )

Cold Fire!

Jul. 1st, 2013 09:17 pm
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The run-up to the Independence Day holiday seems like a good time to post some Captain America stories, don't you think? I'm not sure if we've posted the classic "Cap for President" story from Captain America #250 on this community, so instead let's have the next two issues, guest-starring a favorite Cap villain.

Seven pages of twenty-two from #251, five pages of seventeen from #252, one page of five from a backup feature and an ad.

Remember Roxxon? )

And as we casually stroll into the setting sun, your thoughts and comments?

eta: Yes, we have posted Cap #250, here: http://scans-daily.dreamwidth.org/442041.html#cutid1
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When I think of an alternative to the hysterics of Mark Millar's Civil War, this is what I think of:

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Another excellent scene from Mark Gruenwald's run on Captain America, taking place after Operation Galactic Storm, with Cap beginning to doubt his own values and his ability to inspire heroes:

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OK, so there was a lovely storyline during Mark Gruenwald's run of Captain America where the good Cap fought a villain called Superia, bent on destroying all men and rule the world with women in power. For that purpose she invited all the female villains of the MU to join her. Captain America, together with The Paladin, infiltrated her HQ and tried to stop her. It was a strange story:

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We always suspected the Red Skull was into it, but I always had him as a top not a bottom; well, surprise, surprise:

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For Dude in Distress week, I thought I'd post a few pages of when the Red Skull has Captain America at his mercy... and decides to bore him with his origin story.

Origin time )
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I'm not quite sure what to make of 2011 as a year, it had it's moments sure but overall it's been sort of... "Meh" ... It's been more of a period of uncertainty and fluctuation rather than definite "things" (and the things we did have weren't always positive to say the least). The massive worldwide socio-economic/political efforts sweeping a lot of us individuals before them like leaves on a river hasn't really helped.

Even in the comics side of things it's been a little weird. Marvel with the crossovers and then DC with Flash-What's-The-Point and their daring and adventurous Really-Not-A-Reboot-Honest-Oh-All-Right-It-Sort-Of-Is has been a mixed bag for this old timer to say the least, some good stuff to be sure, but at the cost of a lot of already good stuff, and uncertainty about whether it can be maintained.

But I want to leave the year on, if not a high point, at least a cute one...

Be warned... here be chibis )

And for sheer Festive Crackiness

Batman and Robin meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Hitman... No, I'm NOT making it up )

A Happy New Year to everyone and may 2012 bring you all that you hope and some pleasant surprises too!

(Me, I'm just hoping that I can get through the bloody fuss over the Olympic Games without actually causing physical harm to someone)
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Especially so soon after losing Jerry Robinson comes the loss of another of the founders of the whole four colour superhero comic concept. Joe Simon, long time working partner of Jack Kirby, and co-creator of, amongst others, a little fellow by the name of Captain America.

Mark Evanier has a nice eulogy at his site

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