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"The idea is that this is the true, dark side of Superman [...] It’s a nightmare version of what Superman could be. Superman is both inspiring and frightening in his power. And the only reason that he’s not really frightening is because of who he is. But happens when you change that?" - Steve Orlando

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Here's the series premise, from what my brain tells me. And frankly, I trust that thing as far as I can throw it. Which would be zero distance. Because I'd die. Also, why don't they put the creative teams' names in full, like this? Surname-only seems a disservice.

Plus, a spirit guide who's a half-naked vintage strongman. As you do. Check it!

Words: Gerard Way
Pencils: Nick Derington
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

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Writer: Gerard Way
Artist: Nick Derington

These four pages sum up my experience with Doom Patrol #1 in a nutshell.

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Of all the absurdist foes the Doom Patrol faced during Grant Morrison's run, my favourite without question is the abstract champion of nonsense Mr. Nobody, not the least because his origin is among the strangest you'll find in a mainstream comic.

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DOOM PATROL 22, the final issue of the series, came out this month. I'm sad to see it go.

Mister Somebody Enterprises has acquired Oolong Island by possessing its president, Veronica Cale. Not too happy about that, the Doom Patrol decide to invade the island...

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Two issues ago, Veronica Cale nationalized the Doom Patrol, effectively turning them into the legal property of Oolong Island. So how that's working out for them?

Four pages from Doom Patrol #17 )
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and God bless them for that! Another couple of episodes of this most magnificent of shows has aired and has a couple of comic-book geek moments making this worthy of a legality post (Anyone notice how most of my legality posts feature "Brave and the Bold", because I just did!)

First up, "Emperor Joker"

The pre-credit sequence has been long promised! A case from the files of the Bat-Computer

I won't spoil the explanation as to why he's wearing the costumes, but it's not the same as the one in the original comic (Which I don't think has been posted here, may have to do something about that)
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And another episode - The Last Patrol )

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One page from this week's Doom Patrol #10...

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creator: keith giffen, creator: matthew clark, title: doom patrol, group: doom patrol, publisher: dc comics
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A warm round of welcome for the latest addition to the Doom Patrol cast!

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title: doom patrol, publisher: dc comics
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No, that's not some not-so-clever attempt at a jab against some latest DC development. I'm referring to a plot point in the latest issue (#9) of Doom Patrol, which remains a great read.

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creator: keith giffen, title: doom patrol, creator: matthew clark, creator: ron randall, publisher: dc comics
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Four pages from Doom Patrol #8...

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group: doom patrol, title: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, creator: matthew clark
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Four pages from Doom Patrol #7...

This issue clearly takes place after Blackest Night, though there isn't anything in the way of spoilers for that event.

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title: doom patrol, group: doom patrol, creator: keith giffen, publisher: dc comics, creator: matthew clark


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