Dec. 14th, 2009

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Greetings True Believers! I thought this deserved a re-post. It's on of my favorite moments from the BOOM! series, "Fall of Cthulhu"

The story is about a man who gets wrapped up in the Cthulhu Mythos and as you know, that never ends well. Watch what happens when he unravels a big piece of the puzzle. Enjoy!

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Issues #5 of GI Joe. A real American art form.

November 1982. The Soviets invaded Afghanistan. The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial was dedicated. Andy Kaufman was voted off of Saturday Night Live.

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Greetings True Believers! Here's another classic from the crypt of S_D 1.0. The adventures of Bat-Harleygirl! It's a selection of scans from Harley Quinn #11 and #12. Harley decides to do a little cosplaying. Why? It matters not! It's Dodson art! Enjoy!

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I don't think we've ever talked about Yen Plus here. It's a monthly anthology magazine from Yen Press, with a mix of manga, Korean manhwa, and American "mangaesque" comics. To facilitate this, comics that read from left to right start on the left side of the magazine, and manga that read right to left start on the right side of the magazine. It's an interesting mix of titles, including the latest from the maker of Full Metal Alchemist.

But today I'm just posting four pages from their latest issue (January 2010), with the new feature Gossip Girl. This is adapted from the popular books by Cecily von Ziegesar, which have also been made into a relatively popular TV show. I have neither read the books nor seen the show, so I can't speak to how faithful the adaptation is.

The premise, as I understand it, is following the lives of an assortment of teenagers from New York City's Upper East Side. They have wealth, good looks, popularity, immunity from prosecution, you know--all the things that you'd think would make you happy. But since this is a soap opera, nothing doing on the happiness front. Instead their days are filled with constant drama. Drama which is not helped by the mysterious narrator, "Gossip Girl." No one knows who she really is, but she's a member of the class, gets invited to all the parties, and always has the latest dirt.

Our story opens on the birthday party of one Blair Waldorf, current "queen" of the Upper East Side.

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Your thoughts and comments? Any Gossip Girl fans in the audience?
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I thought it appropriate that my first post to the new community should involve beating up hippies in a parking lot.

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My first post to any version of [community profile] scans_daily!

I'd actually wanted to start out with Take A Chance, but since those comics are in a box upstairs, I guess that can wait until tomorrow. Instead, for your reading pleasure...

Two pages from the latest issue of Fall Out Toy Works )
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Since we have a clear lack of samurai rabbits here I decided to post up something from the past free comic book day since it's pretttty short. Thus only three pages, (The comic in total was six pages) but hey, at least its in full color? Derp, apparently Free comic book day scans are aokay to post. So I've posted the whole story under the cut.

For those not sure what I'm babbling about, let me clarify the best way I can: Usagi Yojimbo is a historical fiction comic, an epicaly awesome one that mixes history, talking animals and win all in one.

Uh, yeah, obviously I'm biased. But it really is worth a read, I've learned so much about that time period from just reading this comic, along with that it has honestly touching characters that feel real, react like they would in that time period and never jump on the usual cliches one associates with 16th century Japan.

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Ministry in Space by Warren Ellis was an alternate history mini-series that explored just that scenario.

Image Hosted by

In this alternate history, it was the British instead of the Americans who took in Germany's rocket team, leading to a world where Britain is a leading nation in space exploration.

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(And how does he learn that? By fighting an evil Franklin from the future, who rants about how the distance of his father turned him into a conqueror of time streams.)

Instead, this is the PSA where Spider-Girl (in a universe where the Gathering of Five did not end with Spider-Man getting delegged) learns about how Internet bullying is bad.

Speaking of Internets, it more entertainingly shows us some of the tools our favorite Marvels use in their daily enjoyments of things.

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We continue through the holiday times with a look at a few lonely Christmases, including an odd case of Lois and Clark each in separate stories, both working to defuse suicide attempts.

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2, DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 3 )

Tomorrow: We've seen him learn about Hanukkah, now Kyle has to learn the true meaning of Christmas with the help of his buddy Connor, who doesn't even celebrate it! Also, his other buddy Wally has to learn a similar lesson when trying to find a gift for his wife!
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Back in the distant past of 2007 there was a four part miniseries dealing with minor magic characters from Marvel. At least that was what it was advertised as in reality it was the story of a one note redeemed former Dr. Strange villain Ian McNeil hunting down artifacts that in the past were encountered by Magik, Scarlet Witch, the original Black Knight and Nico Minoru (referred to as Sister Grimm on the cover of her book. Even though they pretty much forgot those codenames after three days).

Each issue took the format of two stories one Ian McNeil looking for the artifact, two the title character finding the artifact a long time ago. Nico’s story has 22 pages.


Blood for the Blood God? )
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So as far as I can tell, the only Models Inc. that's been posted here were the four pages of Tim Gunn that xdoop put up. Which is a shame, because as I recall there was a fair amount of talk about the title here before the issues actually came out.

Honestly, I enjoyed the mini overall. Well not the ending, because the "motive" was shitty and a little nonsensical, but until the end I found it a fun enough jaunt. I read them all (four issues) at once, which probably helped.

I'm planning to do a post on the positive aspects of Models Inc, because I want to give credit when I think it's due and.. I guess I really want to just make noise along the lines of "yes Marvel, I enjoyed your girl book for girls, in THESE ways". But first of all I am going to showcase the crap that came covering the diamonds because I also want to make "no Marvel, I hated the laziness in your girls book for girls, for goodness sake" sorts of noise. And thus: here we go! Four scans from Models Inc 1, and one scan from Models Inc 2.

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I know Disney/Marvel fan art is probably an old meme by now, but... Squirrel Girl and the Rescue Rangers, people!

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