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Boy I've been posting a LOT this weekend haven't I? And I'm not quite done yet.

August 12th is two sad anniversaries for comics fans; (Postscript - Having just heard of the passing of the legendary Joe Kubert today, that's THREE sad anniversaries for the 12th August)

Mark and Mike RIP )

And the meat of this post. DP7 #1 )
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I'm slightly ashamed I never heard about this before now. Only a year or so ago we lost one of the two creators of Static, Dwayne McDuffie

And now we've lost the other....

Sad news and a charitable request beneath )
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In honor of Ray Bradbury, who passed away last night, I decided to post an adaptation of one of his short stories from EC's Vault of Horror.

Story under the cut... )
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As some of you may know, and others of you may Not, Ray Bradbury has died. Author of the Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked this Way Comes (my personal favorite) and countless other stories, short stories, plays, and screen plays...

I wanted to do tribute to him on here and low and behold not only did i find something scan worthy and legal, but it was also something from one of my favorite Bradbury stories.

More Behind the Cut )

Edit: Thanks for the In Memoriam tag who ever put it up, didn't even know we had one :D
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If you follow the comics news sites, you've probably already heard about the untimely death of legendary artist Tony DeZuniga:


DeZuniga was probably known best as the co-creator of Jonah Hex, and for his work on Conan the Barbarian. But my personal favorite was the decidedly off-beat superheroine he created with writer Shelly Mayer: The Black Orchid.

What made the Black Orchid unique was that the stories never mentioned her true identity or origins. She was super-strong, bulletproof, and could fly, but we weren't told how. Here's a typical story from ADVENTURE COMICS #429, 1973:
(5 pages from a 15-page story)
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Given his contribution to the field of the graphic medium, I do feel this is appropriate for Scans_Daily (and the "legality" post will also explain it)

Art Spiegelman's meeting with Maurice Sendak )
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Incredible artist, both in comics and film. He will be missed.
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Here are my less-than-four pages from this week's comic that had me, lazy trade-only buyer, trekking to an actual comic store to snag it.


Deadpool & Cable #26: In which Deadpool nostalgizes/summarizes/hallucinates the high points of Cable & Deadpool and Messiah War and etcetera to the present, viewed as Deadpool's bittersweet love letter to his BFF, Cable. And by "BFF," I mean "apparently Valentine's Day has arrived a week and a half early!"

Read the first 6 sad/funny/sad pages here. (ETA Link fixed.) And then 2 pages plus a bit under the cut!

[Writer: Duane Swierczynski. Art: Leandro Fernandez. Colors: Steve Buccellato. Letters: Jeff Eckleberry. Cover: Dave Wilkins.]

It was love at first sight. )

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Sorry I took so long, putting up the second page for those who wanted to see it, and putting up again the first page for those who missed it.

Enjoy. )
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So, folks over at noscans_daily were discussing the old letter columns, and I mentioned an old letter containing a eulogy for Jason Todd. Putting it up to share with those interested.

Requiem for a Robin under the cut. )
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Just a short entry to let you know that legendary illustrator and comic artist Frank Frazetta passed away today. His comic credits included various EC Comics series, Shining Knight, Vampirella and even Little Annie Fanny.

For me personally, his absolute mastery of human anatomy is a major inspiration. As he tells the story, an illustrator he was working for when he was young lent him an anatomy book. In one night he copied every single illustration out of it and gave it back the next day, saying "Thank you very much, I've learned my anatomy." But of course it didn't end there, and for the rest of his career he continually studied it and worked at it. It's that sort of dedication I admire absolutely.

For legality, here's one of his iconic Vampirella covers.

vampity vamp )
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IDW recently released a tribute comic to Andy Hallett (the actor who played Lorne). This is from the photos and notes memorial section included at the end of the book. The text can also be found at actor Mark Lutz's MySpace, here.

Three pages )

title: angel, publisher: idw, theme: in memorium
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Just heard over on the George Perez facebook page that Dick Giordano passed away this morning at age 77, and it's confirmed on Newsarama here

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Michael Jackon, the King of Pop, has passed away.
1959 - 2009. R.I.P.

While much can be said about the man, the talent can not be denied.
In tribute to the kindler, gentler time when the man embodied "wonder" and his performances took showmanship to a new level.


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