Sep. 7th, 2009

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I've changed the title for this one entry because most of the people who commented on Violator Part 1 said they actually thought it was good. In some cases, very good. Personall, I don't see it.

I'm surprised because the second half of the Violator Vs. Badrock mini-series had a very similar tone to this, but the comments to that were almost uniformly negative.

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Upon the request of [ profile] psychop_rex, here are a few pages that show Armada, a spider-villain that fell by the wayside.
This is from AMAZING #408, and features the Ben Reilly Spider-Man in a costume I always kind of liked.

Ben shows his bad-assery after the cut. )
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(yeah, Doctor Alchemy's a Flash villain. Not all of his villains are original to the series, but they fight Beetle nonetheless.)

so, after the Incendiary Man's vanishing (complete with a "We found no body in the fire", leaving him open to a return, which he apparently pulls off as a kill-people-with-fire-for-hire guy at a time down the road), it's time for one of the several foreshadowings laid out over the past two issues to pay off.

Foreshadowings like this one, from Blue Beetle #2...  )

Nova #28

Sep. 7th, 2009 11:42 am
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John Rogers, the Kung Fu Monkey, uses the phrase "competence porn" to describe people's reactions to the briefing scenes on his show "Leverage." People apparently enjoy watching characters who know what they're doing.

While Richard Rider is often brash and headstrong, he actually does know what he's doing most of the time, and is now in the odd position of being the Nova Prime. Abnett and Lanning (along with Keith Giffen) have quietly taken him from being that guy on the New Warriors who went in first and got decked first to a wise, experienced superhero and space cop.

Plus, sometimes he fast-talks guys.

Rich vs. Blastaar )
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Here are six covers for the French edition of Watchmen drawn by Dave Gibbons. I believe these were originally posted on SD 1.0, but they're lovely and some people haven't seen them, so here they are again! Large images.

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This story is ironic in a metatextual way, as in a few years Captain Marvel (and his family) would really go to Limbo, when the Fawcett comics closed up shop. There they would chill in the timeless void of fictional characters without a home, until the same company that had caused their titles to be dropped would buy up rights to them and bring them back as secondary characters. (Cap never showed it on the page but he must have been bitter.

Be that as it may, this is a typically charming little tale. Captain Marvel discovers that recent thefts of valuables are the work of the Collector, a wizened old coot who is assigned to take worthless inventions, badly written books, crummy art and such away. (From what I see on sale everyday, he hasn't kept up.) Limbo is a gigantic junkyard. The Collector decides to start confiscating something nice once in a while, just to brighten up his metaphysical realm. This is where Cap takes notice.

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As requested I continue posting random 80's Teen Titans stuff.

So... not happy with Terry Long being Donna's lover? Too old? Too annoying? Too creepy? And on top of that a silly haircut? Well, in New Teen Titans #11-12 (1981) he's getting a rival:

See for yourself if the new guy in town can keep up with Terry!


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