Mar. 16th, 2011

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Hey, folks! Photobucket is cooperating with me again, so here's some more stuff for you to goggle at. Check it out:

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 And here I present another Filipino comic I'm vying to buy when it releases in TPB in April. I'm so desperate that, since I can't attend the con it's coming out in because of my trip to America, I'm having it reserved and asking a friend to pick it up. 

ANYWAY, I present to you something relevant to my interests and hopefully yours:

by the awesome Paolo Fabregas. 

Why yes, they're chasing down a van with a pedicab. )FHL )
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I want to post some more Ms. Marvel stuff and it's difficult to find something that works as its own little scene with a decent amount of context and shows why Carol Danvers is my favourite solo Marvel character.

I've already posted Carol Danvers versus Ghazi Rashid and The Ascension Teaser on Scans_Daily before.

This is the beginning of the culmination of Carol and Ghazi's story and takes place immediately after the Ascension teaser

And I-ee-i want to thank you. For giving me the best day-ay of my life )

There was going to be a lot more commentary on this, then I realised that it's late, I'm tired, I have work tomorrow and Transhuman won't read itself. So, adieu for now.
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 I didn't think I could do it. 
But I did! All thanks to [personal profile] icon_uk 

I was too excited to post this to wait for the answer to the PM I sent. Yeah, sorry ^_^;;

And now, my own contribution to DC's timeless tradition. 
Robin bondage ala Dick Grayson )


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