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You may have seen this image in the recent past...

The context is a bit different, of course, so you may just want to linger here for a while.

While there's no homophobia or abuse in the images I've selected, there is in the full story. 2 pages of 6 from 2000AD Prog 1817.

Judge Dredd is not a fan of the Suburbs. )

And that's the story.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Here are my less-than-four pages from this week's comic that had me, lazy trade-only buyer, trekking to an actual comic store to snag it.


Deadpool & Cable #26: In which Deadpool nostalgizes/summarizes/hallucinates the high points of Cable & Deadpool and Messiah War and etcetera to the present, viewed as Deadpool's bittersweet love letter to his BFF, Cable. And by "BFF," I mean "apparently Valentine's Day has arrived a week and a half early!"

Read the first 6 sad/funny/sad pages here. (ETA Link fixed.) And then 2 pages plus a bit under the cut!

[Writer: Duane Swierczynski. Art: Leandro Fernandez. Colors: Steve Buccellato. Letters: Jeff Eckleberry. Cover: Dave Wilkins.]

It was love at first sight. )

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Catching up on a small collection of commission pieces I've picked up over the past few months but never got around to sharing...


Two artists, three themes )

A couple of random, but fun, sketchcard pickups )

And putting the pretty back into pretty boy heroes! )

And for legality, a little reminder of what Mr Wagner could look like in the right artists hands... This was used as a pin up on the Back of Excalibur 3, y'know, back when being a fun character wasn't anathema or a good reason to kill them off (Though we'd already lost Doug by this point, so things were heading in a downward direction)

tags: char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, char: mr. freeze/victor fries, char: cypher/doug ramsey, char: warlock, creator: brian fraim , creator: brendon fraim , creator: dougdraw , creator: kat laurange , creator: alan davis, creator: joe st pierre, genre commission, theme: slash, in-joke: bondage
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I'm always conflicted when AU versions of my OTPs appear, because
1. It validates the ship in that hey, the subtext is intentional, maybe in mainverse they are together Off Screen!
2. In this this day and age...why is it only AU, and usually where it is now heterosexual (Captain America and Iron Woman, though imma gonna pretend that CA was swapped too), OR, where the guys are now lipstick lesbians;

image )

...and I have a feeling that their targeted audience aren't other queer women...but once again lemons, lemonade, it'll do FOR NOW.

Scan from Books of Magick: Life During Wartime issues 13-1
Written by Si Spencer and Drawn by Dean Ormond

gekked from; The Ultimate Hellblazer Index; A Bastard By Any Other Name

char: jacqueline constantine, title: books of magick: life during wartime
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More fabulous art of Kurt Wagner's fabulous ass. It's been posted before, I think, but it's a goodun. (Like there's such a thing as a BAD Nightcrawler booty shot.)

If someone remembers which comic this cover art was done for, let me know, and I'll add it to the tags list. I'm afraid it's gone clear out of my head.

Suggested tags: char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, series: gratuitous butt shot week, creator: esad ribic, title: wolverine, in-joke: never gets old (EDIT: new tags added! Thanks, [personal profile] roily_rogue!)
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The "Art Thread: WW's Love Life" CBR thread is being overrun with Supes/WW fanart. To the point where people are being really smug about it. I hate that ship with a a fiery passion, but even if I didn't, it would be nice to get some variety in there. I'd prefer no WW/Bats either. Let's get some alternative ships in there! I'd love some Diana/Io, Diana/Artemis, Diana/Lois and Diana/Rama. Basically, Diana/ANYONE but the big two!

No porn, I'm afraid.

So far, scouring through the WW fanart here, I've found three pieces (two Diana/Io and one Diana/Lois - technically Trinity/Lois but I didn't want to complicate things by explaining that) which I posted over there. So we need more! :P

Here's what I've already posted:

Anyway, please help!

For legality, a page from Batgirl #7Steph > Damian )
tags: char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/steph brown

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Not long after the new Star Trek movie came out, a friend of mine had the principles of "slash-fiction" explained to him. His mind dealt with the resulting trauma the only way it could.

With webcomics.

These are the voyages... )
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So, way back when, the X-Factor was a team that combated mutant prejudice by pretending to be mutant-hunters who captured dangerous mutants, who of course they advertised as being so dangerous you needed specially-trained operatives to come in and round them up. This didn't go over well. So, Marvel did what it always does when their heroes act like idiots: Reveal it was all someone else's fault!

In this case, Cameron Hodge, the team's PR man, turned out to be a member of The Right (unfortunately, this was before Peter David's run on the title, so Hodge was never protected by the Right Guard, yuk yuk), an anti-mutant organization he created. Really, who starts an anti-mutant organization when there are already forty billion out there? On LJ, you'd get yelled at for creating a fourth Wolverine/Rogue comm.

Hodge betrayed the team and went all supervillain on them, driving Angel to pretend-suicide, kidnapping mutants for experiments, and finally kidnapping Angel's girlfriend Candy Southern, who despite the name is neither a stripper or a gay porn star.


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