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So these are the last two issues of Titans, by Eric Wallace and Travis Moore. After the Flashpoint reboot, Ryan Choi will be alive again and Lian will apparently have never been born, so I don't know how much of this will be sticking.

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Preview of the art for Titans: Villains For Hire at The Source. And some spoilers... yeah


Suggested Tags: char: cheshire/jade nguyen, char: deathstroke/slade wilson, creator: fabrizio fiorentino, group: titans, publisher: dc comics
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The Recent Secret Six issue made me want some adorable Daddy!Catman and Mommy!Cheshire

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Tags: Title: Secret Six, Group: Secret Six, Char: Cheshire, Char: Catman, Creator: Gail Simone
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Update: Gail commented on this scene over at CBR.

Yeah, people are misreading that.

First, it had nothing to do with this story at all. But Cheshire has a reptile brain, in my opinion. Yes, she loves Lian. But her enemy has Lian. And Cheshire is always playing Chess.

If the enemy has Lian, Lian has to be removed as a bargaining chip.

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As part of the Brightest Day event DC will be launching "Dark Titans" starring Cheshire aka Jade Nyguen aka Lian’s mom aka Roy Harper’s Baby Mama. Here is part one of a look back at the history of one of the deadliest, most resilient and versatile villains in the DCU.

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One page from Tales of the Teen Titans #80 in which Lian Harper was caucasian and had red hair.

Can we say D'AWWWW )

I also have a question, concerning that image of Batman with an orange(?) chainsaw. I can't find the image but someone here has an icon of it. Does anyone know the context of it?

ETA: Thanks to everyone who answered, I knew I could count on s_d! I didn't know chainsaws were appropriate autopsy equipment, but I've been wrong before.
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So yesterday I finally sucked it up and bought Birds Of Prey: Sensei & Student despite it's gratuitous, egregious, and generally calamitous cover. Even for Greg Land, this is a bad cover. Those who haven't seen on the trade or the first time it was printed with #67, I'm not posting it, I'm not linking it, I'm not subjecting you to it. If you want to see it, it'll have to be on your own time by your own decision. I'm just here to talk about it. I'd originally decided to tear it off and burn it, but I don't keep matches anymore since I quit smoking a few weeks ago.


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