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Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night, oh what a night!
Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right
Oh yes it's ladies night, oh what a night

Girls, y'all got one
A night that's special everywhere
From New York to Hollywood
It's ladies night and girl the feeling's good

Ahem, sorry, flashbacks to the music of my youth...

Rhiannon Owens (Click to go to her DeviantArt account) is an artist whose work I've enjoyed looking at in the past, and she has been doing some amazing work on sketchcards for Marvel. The following examples I found by casually browsing through e-bay...

Dangerous Beauty )

And also, an artist whose work is new to me, a watercolour artist who has a rather sophisticated fashion sense to boot is Kevin Wada

Designing Women )
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I'm perhaps a little surprised that this title hasn't had more coverage here, I'm not saying a female team should HAVE to be featured but I thought it might have been, especially as it's quite enjoyable (Well, IMHO)

A new balance is achieved )
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You know how much I love Misty Knight, right? Well a lot.

But that's not what I want to talk about in this first issue of Fearless Defenders.

four pages of Fearless Defenders #1 )
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Yes, the "Distinguished Competition" clearly fumbled the ball and Marvel is picking it up and going for it.

The universe abhors a vacuum, and this one left a big one.

Newsarama has the interview as Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning talk Villains for Hire.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC )
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If Heroes for Hire is Marvel's answer to Birds of Prey, it's important to note that it's only an answer to certain very specific parts of BoP, when Oracle or somebody stepping in for Oracle was acting as a power broker. When I think BoP, I honestly think of it more as a romantic comedy between Canary and Oracle, and I doubt I'm alone on that. Heroes for Hire is definitely a spin on Oracle herself, but not necessarily on BoP.

three pages from #4 )
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I made sure to point this out when the preview pages went up, but "Disco Highway" may be the single most ridiculous and therefore best story in the entire anthology.

Dazzler has hired Misty Knight and Colleen Wing as security for her world tour. Wackiness has ensued.

This entire thing is a neverending font of icon/avatar pictures.

three pages after the cut )


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