Nov. 2nd, 2011

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[personal profile] sherkahn has the announcement that a certain star spangled mantle will be taken up once more.

Edit: Now with SPOILERS from Fear Itself 7.1, as the information on the preview and the last page of the issue are confusing.

Red Star. )
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For those who were following Fusion here on scans_daily, sorry I took so long to post this last part of Fusion #4. I'm well underway with Issue #5 now (which is a return to a standard-sized issue), and will hopefully have that ready to post in its entirety around March. This last part brings the issue full circle, as well as opening up the major plotlines of the series. For those who need a refresher or wanna catch up, you can read part 1 of Fusion #4 at (and that post has links to the first 3 issues as well) and part 2 at

As always, if you wanna stay current with the series, I update on Tuesdays at

Read the conclusion to Fusion #4 here )
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The moon's launched a slew of meteors at Earth, and each one that lands will transform into a giant monster. It's just one of those days...

Two pages from STORMWATCH 2 and four from issue 3... )
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I am actually really liking this book. So few things surprise me any more... this one actually did.... i am also liking Cyclops' mission statement...

WEll that said...
Three things in Uncanny X-Men #1 that surprised me.... )
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Or, more accurately, Arkham Unhinged, the prologue comic for videogame Arkham City. I haven't played the game yet, but I have been following the Catwoman Bitch story, the DLC nonsense and the Harley Quinn based queer panic of the game, so when the prologue appeared on Comixology for 99c an issue, I was interested enough to hand over my money.

All together, it's 60 pages of story for $2.97, which is a decent return. The comic itself isn't that great. Two Face does lots of things in twos. Batman sneaks up on people, and punches other people. Hugo Strange menaces in the background. And Catwoman...

is the main character of this series )

The art is passable, and the story is decent. To be honest, it's what you'd expect from a book that's $2.97 for 60 pages.

Did we ditch the cheesecake and boobs tags?

I've not played the game, but I'll probably pick it up once I've finished Assassin's Creed Revelations, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider and it's come down to a platinum price
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I've said on this board I don't like it when superhero comics (and other forms of pop culture) make it look like mental illness is some sort of moral failing.

Three actual psychiatrists have taken issue (pun intended) with DC Comics and their description of the mentally ill, especially Batman's rogues gallery. It was originally in the New York Times.

Newsarama covered it as well.

More and four pages from THE KILLING JOKE after the cut.

Comic book villainy and real-life mental disorders )


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