Jun. 9th, 2009

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Say what you will about Grant Morrison, but ya gotta admit that he could make Reed Richards cool.  Following scans taken from Fantastic Four: 1 2 3 4, written by Morrison, art by Jae Lee(scaled to fit, via the magic of Photobucket).

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These five pages are from Batgirl: Secret Files & Origins. The art is by Phil Noto, who is fantastic at drawing Cassandra Cain in her Batgirl costume.

This comic was my first exposure to Cassandra Cain and to modern DC comics continuity. I love it dearly.

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More of John the Skrull! Now, I didn't do all his on-panel appearances, just some of my other favorite bits.

Scans from Wisdom #1, 4, and 6, and Captain Britain and MI:13 #1 and 3.

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I tried to make a perfect moment post for Brainiac 5 but there was too much awesome for only 2 pages. I gave up so here's a regularly scheduled post.

Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 2 (issue 311)
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A repost of what seemed a popular post at ScansDaily 1.0: Very early and very cool Alan Moore (and Lloyd Thatcher), from the song of the same name, ladies and gents I give ya...
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Another repost of early Alan Moore. This time, he proves he even does a better cat strip than you.
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My favorite bit from the Black Dossier. Jeeves. Wooster. Cthulhu. Hijinx ensue.
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Another 1.0 repost. Okay, so--New Krypton. They couldn't wait to go. But why? Our breath? Foul language? The way we turn to a sort of crunchy jelly with just one strong hug? No no no, silly.

As usual, fucking Silver Age Lois. Read this and keep in mind what a simple earthquake can do.
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From LOEG V.2, a scene that captures the absolute essence of Hyde. Some might go with the Invisible Man scene. I would choose this.
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Frighteningly, I think this is safe for work.
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It's hard to pin down a defining moment out of a relatively small pool of, well, moments, good or bad. The Legion cartoon and its comics were both cancelled after just two years, after all.
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The Beacons of Gondor are lit! The Beacons are lit!!!

No wait, ...wrong epic saga. But comparable developments arise.

IGN has the previews.

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Good morning, chillins! Auntie Katze's back and having another Moment ..wait that didn't sound right..

Yesterday I posted a Perfect Moment of the Trickster; today I bring you the Trickster's one true partner (if only he'd realise it), the Pied Piper.

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I see that no one has posted a One Perfect Moment for the Silvery Scion of Zenn-La -- the Sentinel of the Spaceways himself -- that being the divine Silver Surfer.

I am here to remedy this tragic oversight.

I'm going to actually go out on a limb here and say that the Perfect Moments contained in this post are going to have the most beautiful art and writing of any Perfect Moments posted this week. Oh yeah, I went there.

So, the first scans that this post contains, in one seven-page sequence, not one but THREE Perfect Moments for the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and MJ.

These first scans come from Silver Surfer: Requiem, that being an out of continuity miniseries that was scribed by J. Michael Straczynski in 2006. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things ever to appear in the medium of superhero comics; Esad Ribic did the luscious yet simultaneously subdued and highly evocative art, and it perfectly complemented the tragedy of this story. In fact, my understanding is that Ribic painted each and every panel.

I warn you: this story is sad and extraordinarily beautiful. JMS obviously has a huge love for Surfer, and it shows. I don't know anyone who has read SS: Requiem who didn't wind up literally sobbing their eyes out by the end.

Fans of the Spider marriage take note: in retrospect, I have to wonder if JMS knew that Marvel editorial was on their way to ending the Spider marriage when JMS wrote this Surfer mini, because in the context of OMD, the scene I'm posting here reads like a big affirmation of Peter and MJ's marriage and a "f**k you" to the group of people at Marvel that ended it.

Herein are Three Perfect Moments: a One Perfect Moment for the Silver Surfer, a One Perfect Moment for Peter, and a One Perfect Moment for MJ. Actually, let's add another one: it's a One Perfect Moment for Peter and MJ's marriage, too.

Context: Norrin Radd is dying. In this scene, while he's saying his good-byes to Earth before he returns to Zenn-La for his final days, he runs into Peter, and they have a talk.

Norrin wants to give a gift to Earth before he leaves.

And so he does. Oh, boy, he does.

That is what it means to be the Silver Surfer.

But no One Perfect Moment Post is complete without showing one of the most important figures in Norrin's history, that being of course the Ravager of Worlds.

These next scans are from Annihilation: Silver Surfer. One of the few things that the previous iteration of Scans Daily seemed to universally agree upon was that Marvel's Annihilation crossover was absolutely superbly executed in terms of art, writing, continuity, plot, and pacing.

The Annihilation: Silver Surfer miniseries contained what is perhaps the very best scene between Surfer and Galactus that I've ever read.

Context: shit is hitting the fan all over the universe to the point that Galactus is worried. Norrin finds Galactus to ask for his help (!!!), and the following exchange occurs. It culminates in a page of pure distilled AWESOME.

...Yeah, that is freakin' iconic and flat out the essence of what makes both Galactus and Surfer such great characters. Like the above scans from SS: Requiem, it's a perfect alchemy of art and writing.

As if that last page weren't enough, you want to know what happens next? This.

Beat THAT, Scans Daily!

The first set of scans are from Silver Surfer: Requiem #2 with JMS on writing duties and Esad Ribic on art. The second set of scans are from Annihilation: Silver Surfer #3 with Keith Giffen writing and Renato Arlem handling the art.
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I just realised we didn't have a post for the last issue , this must be rectified (its been months!). A paperback will be available in December, its up for pre-order on Amazon now.

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From Sandman #20, "Facade" from the Dream Country arc.

It was so hard to pick a single moment, but this, for the last panel alone, remains my favourite.
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So DC's Blog has a preview up for Streets of Gotham #1. The Gotham City Police Department are called in to deal with what seems to be a bank robbery by someone they didn't think they'd be hearing from again...

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Marvel's answer to Darkseid.

He's become omnipotent. He's destroyed half the universe. He's killed and destroyed entire galaxies and future galactic empires.
He rumbles with Odin, Galactus, Tyrant and others and we cheer the bad guy on.

For he is Thanos.

(warning, note dial up friendly.. for the mods... 36 pgs. for limited series)

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7 pages from Silver Surfer: Requiem #4 "Requiem Part Four: Agnus Dei" by JMS and Esad Ribic. Kali's recent post inspired me to repost this.

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I have occasionally said that, in Runaways Vol 1, Chase Stein was my least favorite character. And yet, somehow in Vol 2, he rocketed to my favorite of the group.

It probably wasn't all to do with this One Perfect Moment, but it sure helped a lot.
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So I just posted about the preview of Batman: Streets of Gotham #1, and someone commented that they wished Nguyen was drawing Gotham City Sirens because his female characters look much better than Guillem March's.

Well, DC's Blog just posted another preview, this time for Gotham City Sirens. It's unlettered, so I'm posting all three pages.

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You know, I've got to say, this is pretty rare. I'm posting frequently, and participating in an event week. What happened to the oblivious simplicity of lurking and chuckling at the communities fascination with Dick Grayson? And why haven't any bondage Robin pics been posted as perfect moments, since I'm sure several people would declare those as perfect?

Anyways, enough rambling. Here's another perfect moment for Cyclops, but in my bid to highlight some less popular/more unlikely characters, its a perfect moment for his dad Corsair too...

This moment is...dare I say...Uncanny? )
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So, Thanos is cool, right?

Well, yes. However . . .

And this series is also why I was so excited when Adam turned up during Annihilation: Conquest.
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After my last two verbose posts, I think I've got it down to two pages.

Annihilation contained One Perfect Moment after Another Perfect Moment.

This one belongs to Ronan, Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire, and contains in two pages everything we know and love about he who wields the Cosmi-Rod and uses it as a one-stop shop for all of your justicinating needs.


Moral of the story: if you absolutely positively have to pick an alien species to mess with, don't let it be the Kree. For the love of God, go screw with someone else.
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Marvel has released the first picture of Mickey Rourke as the villain in Iron Man 2 today. The picture and two images of his comic counterpart under the cut.

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Friends, I bring you the last five pages of the rather awesome Street Fighter Legends: Sakura miniseries, starring my two favorite supporting characters from the Street Fighter universe - Sakura and Dan. I think this sequence perfectly sums up both their attitudes toward life.

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As I poked around through the overwhelming response to One Perfect Moment Week, it seems to me that no one had done this for one perfect moment, so I thought I'd take point and beat the dead horse.

Seriously, the horse is crying already... )
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A friend pointed this out to me and it fit so well with the current theme, I had to post it.

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With Kitty fused in a Giant Space Bullet and out in space somewhere, a lot of people miss her (like me). But nevertheless one person seems to miss her the most, and that is Piotr Rasputin. He just lives his life by rote, exercising, teaching. "lifting heavy things," but not smiling and not painting. So his friends Logan and Kurt decide to cheer him up, and get the rest of the X-Men to help out.

From X-Men Manifest Destiny #3, 2 1/2 pages of an 8 page story. Written by Christ Yost with pencils by Humberto Ramos.

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JLA #65 focuses on Plastic Man and Batman; at the beginning of the issue, Plas asks Batman for his help dealing with the son of an ex, a kid who's fallen in with a gang. Specifically, Plas asks Batman to scare the kid straight.

It may come as odd that in an issue that's one of the closest things to "one perfect issue" I've read, I'm choosing one of maybe the smallest moments here. Maybe it raises more questions than it answers, as well.

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I'm kind of surprised there have not been more Robin moments in this great theme that we've been having. So, I thought I'd post one from my favorite incarnation: Teen Titans Go!

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Before Wonder Girl, Before Batgirl, and before Knockout. There was a girl that was a flame to the Teen of Steel's heart.  Her name was Tana Moon. Sorry about the lack-cut, it was late and I need to head to bed early, plus I took the time to check my grammar.
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The Essence of FROM HELL's William Withey Gull.
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Because even though the week of Doom is over, I can't help myself. It's like an addiction that has now started. I MUST POST SOME DOCTOR DOOM! So here's one perfect moment OF DOOM. So suitable that it also turns out to be Tony's too.

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The Essence of V FOR VENDETTA's Adam Susan and V. And for that matter, totalitarianism vs. anarchy.
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I believe Espanol Bot was the one who originally posted this. I know it was posted a couple times on the original Scans Daily. So here again is when Kon met Cass.

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